What is wrong?

Hello everyone!!!
Am I so “lucky” because I am asking too much or it is just a misluck I have to bear out for a while?
I just lost 2 thousend…

Looking forward to better time to come.

Hi MikeMcGlen

Sorry for your lost, i think that you need a good forex education…

Education, Education, Education

How long did you demo account for
I am going on my second month and i am no where near trading LIVE


Using a real time demo account, this is a great deal easier said than done. Try to trading with small account ($50) or use Forex simulator… it is much better then demo account…

I agree 100%! You can demo all you want, once you go live the WHOLE ball game changes… Even a $50 account just to get into the “stress” of what it feels like to trade live will give you an idea what it is really like…

Mike, sorry to hear about your trouble. How and where did this happen? Maybe you can learn from your mistake?

Ok, I am going to rant on you for awhile. Take some responsibility! Your last sentence says it all! ‘I just lost 2 thousend’, yep, You did that! So don’t go around talking about being lucky or unlucky. Your lack of preparation is what screwed you. Realize this isn’t the lotto, it takes skill to make and loss money in the market. Just remember, someone else has that 2 grand you lost and I bet they are pretty happy. You should have to get on the other side of the deal. Just realize if you are going to hope or blame things on luck then you might as well just play the lotto because you probably have better chances with the lotto then trying to play luck in the forex!

I am not looking for pity and losses happen to everyone, so just relax it is not a big deal.

i have an addition question to it, when one know that he/she is ready to go live…when you getting 100% roi/monthly:confused:, and for how many months certain roi should be, say for example 50% average :confused: