What is your experience with eaglefx?

Thanks for prompt response!

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oh btw the withdrawals are quick usually in 45mins including weekends

It’s both good and bad! Like every broker is (almost all). On the good side withdrawals are quick and neat, of course with btc, that’s the beauty of crypto money ain’t it? On the downside the spreads are baaaad. So see what you want in your broker, and then find out if this one’s for you! By the way, any reason for preferring this particular broker? Just curious!

same day withdrawals, i but i also trade with another broker that offer the same with better spreads,prosperity4x

They are not regulated so I am not that much comfortable putting my funds in them.

No, I haven’t heard of it before. But from what I found out now, they aren’t regulated. But if you don’t think regulations to be a biggie, you can probably try a demo or something for some clarity.

I’ve never liked demos, how is fake-money game-like trading do anybody any good? I just keep trying different brokers. Now that I’m here, can anyone suggest a good ECN broker?

Not sure about this broker. I prefer the ones that have low fees and are good with withdrawals. It is very important for me to trade with a broker that provides hassle free platforms and payments.

I’ve been trading with IG, Xm, Fxview. They are stable platforms. If you want to go with a pure Ecn broker, you can try Fxview as the spreads are very low. The transaction cost is okay too. I’ve been trying their demo for some time now. Got to test a broker before putting in any real money.

Absolutely. I will never risk my money with a broker before using their demo account. Half of them are not what they claim to be. Regulations are another important factor for me.

They matter to me too. I am not sure if regulations do much but I keep it as one of the deciding factors before choosing a broker. Whether ecn or stp, it got to be regulated. I have used so many of them till now, xtb, swissquote, fxview, fxtm being the ones I used this last year, one common thing-easy withdrawals, cost-effective, and regulated.

Agreed. Has always been my issues, so it helps when I go to the regulatory body website and then check whether broker name is listed or not.

These guys are super quick with withdrawals

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Honestly, didn’t use the broker for very long, i found another broker better. For the 2,3 months that i was with them i felt some latency issues with them specially with XAU and JPYUSD. I switched to Coinexx after a few days on a friends recommendation and was glad that my latency issues were solved by this broker.

Not so good :frowning: I placed a withdrawal with them for 750$, a trade of mine didn’t hit the Take profit (I have no clue why, the chat agent could also not satisfy me with his answer). Instead of $750 withdrawal what i received was around $600. They took away my $150. I switched my broker the very other day.

Did you ever tell them why they took $150 away?

It may be a part of the withdrawal fees and the remaining money could be lost in a trade.

Never really faced any issue so far with them. But don’t stick up with a single broker. Diversify and try 2-3 to map the difference.

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It was not the withdrawal fees nor I lost any money in the trade. They did not have any explanation of why my TP was not hit. I was pretty confused and that was scary to me.

They didn’t. I absolutely guarantee that if you look at BTC price between when they withdrew and when they received their money it dropped hard. The same would be true with any broker that uses this method.