What is your trading strength?

What is your trading strength?

For me it would have to be my mental flexibility; my methodology is that the possibility of other possibilities are always possible, Therefore i tend to keep an open mind when it comes to switching my bias from bullish to bearish (vice versa)

So whats would you consider to be your own personal strength?

My greatest trading strength is being able to recognize and understand that 95% of what is sold or otherwise being taught to aspiring Forex traders is nothing more than snake oil. Then being able to recognize the 5% of usable knowledge that allows me to be able to profit month over month.

My greatest strength not listening to other people

I think emotion control is my best aspect as a trader… Stick to my rules!

Understanding of Forex rules is my strength.Also control the emotions are also good for Forex trading.

Interesting strength, I think the large majority of traders would think that trading without emotion is the way forward, but i beg to differ

Actually came from poker, and carried over to how I approach trading. Plan and trade long term and exercise patience and discipline. By long term I don’t mean time frames on a chart or as one trade or one session but over time and lots of trades and sessions good and bad. Will my method overall long term give me more positive results than negative, will my money management plan protect my trading capital and grow it overall.

I like this thread. My greatest strength is persistence to achieve perfection through my own original work. I don’t just attack the market with an original system, I attack it in a completely different way unheard of in FX.

Greatest weakness though… patience. Patience to hit my hard worked for billion. A million is just simply not enough.

So far, going by what people have been willing to share, it would seem that you would need the following to give you that mental “edge” in the market.

.mental flexibility

.not listening to other people

.emotion control

.Understanding of Forex rules

.Long term train of thought


The above are all great strengths, any one else have anything to add

Quite right, corez77…

Another strength:

recognising how Forex gains may be more (or other) than monetary…

I find Forex giving me a sense of immediate purpose that I never felt before…

Other people could too… Making money is a great self-motivator… it gets you out of bed and going

more than many things…but no more than love… Love is what made my life whole since I discovered it

again, when I met my partner four years ago… And Forex has to fit in with our life… so its value is now

a shared value, as it is no longer just about my ambitions but also about making it an organic part of

my couple life…

Other than that, I agree with all of the previous points!