What keeps you going after so many loss?

Hi everybody,my name is Esohe,I’m a beginner,have always wanted to do forex for a long didn’t really know how to go about it,I’m glad I’m here.

Lots of things.

  1. Winning a trade
  2. Potential of actually being profitable
  3. Being able to generate income on my own without a boss or somebody else’s work
  4. Learning something new and trying to get good at it
  5. Sticking it to the man!

What about you?

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Welcooome. :blush: I’m happy you finally decided to really give it a go. :blush: I’ve had quite a lot of losses :sweat_smile: but then again, my mindset is, I try to use these losses as a learning opportunity that would allow me to make the same mistakes. :smiley: And tbh, I’ve prepared myself to lose the money I invest in both crypto and forex, so I am not as stressed out with losses as I used to. :blush:

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generally when we make a losses we got frustrated and decided to recover the losses , and for that reason we trade over and over. its a very bad trading habit for losing a whole.

Losing trades are normal and it doesn’t bother me to cut them short. Better to lose small than big. There’s always a better trade awaiting.

How many losses are we talking about here?

I think what helps is the idea that no one is coming to help you. No one is going to fix your trading errors for you. This accountability will force you to do what’s necessary to improve your strategy.

Examine your losses, fix them, try again. If necessary, trade minimal lots, even back to demo.

Start here. It’s been around for years.