What my trendlines look like, compare with yours!

Here is the current trendlines for the Euro 1min:

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It is updated every minute.

What the colors mean (some trendlines have different colors):
GREEN = 1min trendlines.
BLUE = 5min trendlines.
ORANGE = 15min trendlines.
FUCHSIA = 1hr trendlines.
BROWN = Daily trendlines (not shown on this chart).

_______________ <- solid lines = line, with start/end attached to price.
----------------- <- dashed lines = rays, that extend into the future.

Every ray begins with a line, and every line ends with a ray.

Questions and answers:

Q: Does the price react to the lines or to the rays or to both?
A: The price only can react to the rays, because only the rays extend into the future. The lines lag, and are only drawn onto the past after-the-fact.

Q: The price is touching a ray, does that mean I should buy or sell?
A: The price can react to rays as though they are: 1) Support/Resistance lines (meaning the price prefers to bounce off lines, or 2) Breakout points.

Q: The price just moved through a big pink line as though it wasn’t even there, why?
A: Several reasons: 1) Trendlines appear slightly differently depending on the time frame of the chart. This is due to the fact that hourly charts are “slightly less specific” than 1min charts. Likewise, different brokers may have different appearances of trendlines. Nevertheless, if you see a pink line, it’s likely to be “in that area” for pretty much everyone. However, don’t expect everyone to see that same pink line with perfect single-pip accuracy. And 2) The trendline may have already been “broken through” in the past several times, thus the market is now mostly ignoring it.

Q: Why do the rays stop drawing after a while?
A: Each ray is exactly 3 times longer than the line that created it. This helps to keep the chart from getting cluttered with excessive rays, and, we’ll, it helps ensure that old and dead rays don’t continue on forever.

Q: Do the rays or lines move?
A: No, once a line or a ray appears, it remains there.

Q: The chart is not updating, what gives?
A: Charts probably crashed, should begin to update again soon.

Q: What is the math involved in calculating these lines?
A: There is a lot of math involved, and it’s all pretty much a secret. Sorry!

Q: Can I use these trendlines in MT4 and/or have them drawn automatically?
A: These trendlines were not built on MT4 programming code. You can always try a google search for automatic trendlines, though.

Q: Why don’t your charts use candlesticks?
A: To avoid copyright issues with broker(s) who might figure that they own the appearance of a particular look of the candlesticks. I don’t want to get in trouble, pretty much.

Q: Can I scroll back or zoom out?
A: Not on this chart, since it’s just a jpg image. :slight_smile:

Go on then I’ll say it - what is the point in this please ie what are people meant to be rating / giving you love for?

How did you get the picture to update like that?

lol well, what else is the rating button up at the top for, except to show love? :slight_smile: actually it doesn’t really matter.

Umm, well actually a combination of programs. First, my chart program is set to generate a jpg file every minute. Then, my ftp program is set to upload it every minute. That’s pretty much how/why it updates. :slight_smile:

Otherwise I would have to post a new message every time, and then you would have to scroll to the zillionth reply on this thread in order to see the most recent chart. I figured this would be much easier, though it was a bit of trouble to set this up at first.

Short of the technological marvel of the cool self updating chart, how does one utilize the spilled box of spaghetti?

I would like to see how a strategy plays into this.

With my feeble mind, I would be in a completely confused state, if I had to try to pick an entry or exit out of that.

Maybe a little enlightening would help.


Looks like a sale pitch for the site. If you quote post #1 you can find the site. Pretty slick way of marketing.

First of all, your mind isn’t feeble. You spell too good.

Your question might be partially answered by the second Q/A. I would just think of the lines as “points of interest” rather than places to always get in/out of trades. More like, if you already know which way you want to go, you might figure the rays could provide you with a more optimal support or resistance point for entry or exit, or a place to find a breakout point for entry or exit.

For example, say you already want to go long. You can check here, and see a huge nasty trendline right in your way. Then you might reconsider the trade until you see how it will react to the line, etc.

I didn’t invent trendlines though so, there are a lot of books and knowledge on the subject out there. So what I am saying is, other people might have better information on how to use trendlines like these to help make trade decisions. But the line themselves are not any kind of “strategy” all by themselves. You would probably use them in conjunction with your own strategy.

Edited and fixed it.

Oh for goodness sake, not another one! The leeches get even more devious in trying to sell their crap don’t they…


Anyway, I decided to compress the chart horizontally some, so as to help to be able to see more of the other colors of trendlines. Obviously doing this makes the little green trendlines harder to see. But I figure the bigger trendlines are probably more important anyway.

If anyone else here also uses trendlines and you’d like to share your charts or lines here, please do as I’d love to see how my lines match up with yours.

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