What pair to trade if I don't want to be affected by news?

I read that AUD/NZD is the pair least affected by news recently. is there one that you trade thats not as affected by news?

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As of last Friday’s close, what you read is correct.

News impact is reflected by significant price changes. This translates as volatility. I have AUD/NZD’s historic volatility as 0.410, and its 20d volatility to that date as 0.362 - this is even lower than its own long-run average. Both measures are the respective lowest of the leading 28 forex pairs.

Pairs with low historic volatility -
AUD/NZD 0.410
AUD/CAD 0.480
EUR/CHF 0.480
EUR/GBP 0.510
EUR/CAD 0.540
USD/CAD 0.540
NZD/CAD 0.550
GBP/CAD 0.590

Pairs with low recent 20d volatility -
AUD/NZD 0.362
EUR/CHF 0.382
EUR/CAD 0.444
EUR/AUD 0.458
EUR/NZD 0.482
GBP/AUD 0.504
NZD/CAD 0.562
CHF/JPY 0.573
AUD/CHF 0.581
EUR/GBP 0.581

Highest historic volatility -

Highest recent 20d volatility -
GBP/USD 1.202


It depends of the kind of news we are talking about - clear, some have more volatility in general, some less but if news are published specific for the countries of a currency pair, also those low volatility currencies are affected

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What tool are you using to check this data?

Sharescope, from Ionic Information.

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Most newbies or traders probably want to know the most volatile but good question.Hope Tommor answered your question

If you wanna avoid the news sessions; it’s very simple- just check the schedule of today’s big news event & close your trade 1 hour before the news!

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thank you for your detailed reply. AUD/CAD and EUR/CHF looks good too will take a look at those.