What’s the weirdest thing Youtube has recommended to you?

When I am bored, I scroll my Youtube feed. Though I don’t need the algorithm to recommend something to me, at times it can suggest to you something really weird and creepy lol :rofl: Like today, Youtube recommend a Two-year-old video about preventing yourself from COVID by using cow urine.:rofl:So, just wondering what’s the weirdest thing that Youtube has recommended to you?

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Oh no. :sweat_smile: I wonder if anyone actually tried that out! :sweat_smile: Mine isn’t THAT weird, but since I love watching “mukbang” videos (those videos where they basically eat so much stuff), it recommended this Youtuber who kept on eating raw stuff. :cold_sweat: What made it a bit weird to me was that the animals (primarily seafood) were still pretty much moving as she puts them in her mouth. :cold_sweat:


@ria_rose What a coincidence :smiley: I also love watching mukbang videos. I watch this korean youtuber named Boki. One of the most civilised mukbangers that I have seen. Some Mukbangers eat like they haven’t seen food for years and I feel grossed out :confounded:

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@SeverianoGallo That’s really weird :mask: It’s better to mask up and get that jab instead. The weirdest youtube recommendation I ever got was this one!

But the comment section was such a mood :joy::joy:

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I was recommended a video by Youtube where a doctor was showing two types of lungs to the audience, one who didn’t smoke in his entire life and one who did. It was a weird recommendation because I don’t smoke :thinking: but I did watch the entire video as I found it interesting :joy:

Omg! I remember watching these videos :fearful: There is one video that I remember particularly. I guess it got viral too. A guy was trying to eat a live crab. But it bit him. And his lips turned so big like he had fillers lol :rofl:

Hmm, it seems to me that the strangest video that I came across in the recommendations feed was about how to properly milk and wash a cow, very strange…

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