What should a good forex trading plan look like?

Please can someone show me or list out important details a trading plan must have and a proper arrangement to follow. I’m not even sure if I’m marking sense :weary:

the most important thing is a risk to reward ratio, 2:1 is best imao. this is what u will build your strategy around. if u have 2:1, that means u only have to win 33% of your trades + fees to be break even.
do lots of reviews to find best ways to implement your risk/reward. H4 charts and above are easier then the smaller timeframes at least for me. learn to find support and resistance, how to time your entries, what impact news has on price action. theres no other way but to learn w practice.

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Hi @chigurl_goldify,
Welcome to Babypips. First, please understand that some forum members regurgitate what they have heard, without any real basis of experience to back up their advice.

I think you will find this thread of use. The OP (original poster) has found a very good way of describing what is important in words that almost everyone can understand. Please use this post as the basis of asking more detailed questions as you progress through the School of Pipsology in the Education section at the top of the page.

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oh man, thats kind of mean! but yeah ok, i do understand where your coming from.

Basing your method on a per trade basis is not ideal, use a per win basis. The most important thing is the finite series of statistical anomalies. Dont be afraid to summarize all outcomes, adopt a categorical ethic, corner the market. Explore alternative ways to produce asymmetry. The solution is counter-intuitive, meaning you will struggle to trust it at first, meaning if you already agree to something it is likely not it. The optimal answer takes time and effort to conceive with conviction. The key is expensive in that sense, the result is lower risk by cutting to the chase and maximizing profits.

Oops, I am sorry if this offended. When I wrote this I was thinking back to some responses unrelated to this thread. Please accept my humble apology :blush:

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i though i understood english pretty well, i dont understand much of what you wrote. please explain, seems interesting.

I already offered you a seat and you proudly declined, as if you have the luxury.

We all dont want to waste time. Contrary to popular belief, being thorough is the proper way to save time. Selectivity is reserved for the trained mind. The rest of us should turn over every stone, we have no option yet we all want to act like we dont need others. Learn how to toggle the mind(ego), until then I have no use for you and will reserve elaboration for the real time savers.

ok, im sorry, it wasnt ment as an offence, i dont know you. thx for the invite anyway, i just dont have time for such things, bc i have a job and am trying to trade on the side and am really trying to have a life as well, hard work all that.

You cant hit paydirt without digging. To those who refuse to thoroughly dig for the answers, please stop trying to apply a bias until you are trained. In other words test everything you can get your hands on against historical data, or find a mentor willing to help you skip having to test everything. You dont know what youre doing, you dont have the luxury of picking and choosing what you should test. You are not the exception that will figure this out alone in record time. You are not the smartest person on earth. Others have already cracked this code, so you are actually behind. You have a long way to go and, without training, will likely have to turn over every stone in order to even have a chance at success. The process is a doozy, dont ever underestimate it because you will come up short.

Sit down, be humble

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Hey, wait up. Did you offer a relative newcomer an opportunity to pay for something that you have described no detail whatsoever of, instead of using this forum for obtaining free, trusted advice from the majority of other members? What was the cost of a “seat” and what product are you selling? Why offer it to one member at once, instead of giving us all the same fair opportunity? That’s no way to treat older members less favourably than new ones. C’mon, spill the beans. :innocent:

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what do i get in return, i dont need your money. are you at least creative. what type of reference is this

i dont have to do anything i dont want to. convince me that you want this badly and are willing to sacrifice comfort for it. your why should be impressive, it should make people feel ashamed of theirs

Trading plan is a set of rules made by traders that determine their entry, exit points, risk and rewards, and stop-losses.
The trading plan should be well calculated and traders should stick to the trading plan.

This might help!