What to read next after school of pipsology?


Am new to the forum and i just completed all of the courses in the school of pipsology, i just wanted to thank babypips for writing these they were really educational especially for a newbie like myself! I just wanted to know if there was any other reading material that others suggest for someone like myself to help me get a better understanding of the markets?



Thanks midwest for the links, I’ve got a copy of reminiscences of stock operator so am gonna start with that.

Ooh good collection @midwest!

The internet is full of trading books, but it is extrimely important to look for reliable information. Some of the authors are just internet marketers without the real understanding of the markets.That is why it would be better to read the books written by real market professionals. Of course, some of these books may be written many years ago, but the main thing you are looking for in such books is the idea, the way of thinking, not the exact strategy to follow.

Hello @Bhavick! :smiley: The others have given really good recommendations! :slight_smile: I guess I would just like to suggest that you also read up on strategies and systems you might want to try for your demo trading. :blush:

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I really enjoyed Millionaire Traders" by Kathy Lien. Very down to earth practical examples of traders becoming rich!

If you’ve been thro’ “the school”, perhaps you have an idea of what interests you ? and what timescale you feel you prefer. Thet is important as you cannot trade each timescale the same way - I have read almost all the books in @midwest post (but not the last one !) and yes they are good and solid education, but really you need to be trying something out on demo and getting a “feel” of the markets.

Do you like candlesticks ? Support and resitstince ? Trend trading ? are you a contrarian ? 5 minute charts ? weekly trends ?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself and looking to improve your education in the direction you fancy !

[Edit “reminiscences” is a good read - so too is “Pit Bull” - Marty Schwartz ! ]

Well i have already started looking at the charts and i feel quiet comfortable looking at the 1 hour chart and looking for support and resistance lines so i guess that’s a start. I like viewing the charts with candlesticks also. I was just curious how many of you on this thread are full time traders?


Trading In the Zone by Mark Douglas.

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A good book can be a good idea for learning in next steps.

spend as much time on the charts as possible, that’s where everything happens so it’s good practice

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yes, agree . and besides good bookish knowledge it is more appropriate to ensure regular practice on demo or micro.

yeah I’ve already started looking at the charts to get a better idea about what’s happening. I just wanted to ask for newbies is it best to open a micro account and what sort of capital should you start off with? Also what are some reputable brokers that some of you guys are using?


which broker is appropriate for you , it depends on your trading condition , if you love doing scalping , should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

Maybe look on YouTube, look for Christopher Derrick (1 of the best traders In the industry) and his strategies are very basic yet it’s one of the most profitable strategies out there. Trading is 85% mindset and 15% technical

Be very careful with brokers. Always choose legit ones and don’t fall on offers trap. Anyway, as you have finished your reading I think that it is time to find good demo account to practice your skills. You will find broker later

So far pleased to hear that you have already completed your lessons with Babypips. However, keep yourself motivated with new ideas and must remember education is a n on going process. And yes, side by side try to practice with demo account so that you can relate the divergence between theory and reality.

Thanks for your reply. One thing i am struggling with when i believe there’s a market opportunity is my entry point. How do others decide where the best place to enter a trade is?


Finding the right entry with Forex is the key. It is the main strategy point that every trader struggle for it.