What trading books would you recommend?

Does anyone know of a list of books that are must-reads for traders? I enjoy classic books and new releases equally.

Some of my top books are Market Wizards, The New Market Wizards, The Disciplined Trader, and a few more.

A really good question.

You’ve already got one Mark Douglas title up there, but I’d add Trading in the Zone. Dr Elder’s Trading for a Living is similar, but views trading psychology from a different angle. I got something out of each of them.

However, my biggest epiphany came from the psychology section of Bill William’s Trading Chaos. He is making the same point as Douglas and Elder (all the top traders basically say the same thing but in a different way), but his approach really resonated with me. It was a real ‘seeing the matrix’ moment.

On a technical level, I will always be greatful to John Bollinger for making me a profitable trader. I’ve moved on to pure price action trading, but his book gave me the tools I needed to get started.

When it comes to price action trading, the Al Brooks trilogy is the work of a technical genius. However, I’m simply not at a level where I can absorb and apply the bulk of what he says. Conversely, Bob Volman’s Understanding Price Action now practically defines my trading approach, albeit on the D1 rather than the M5.

I think these are mostly books that have been published years ago, but just in case you wanna see Pipcrawler’s recommedations. :smiley:

Thank you so much for the advice! I will certainly take the time to look into all of them!

Awesome, thank you, great stuff!

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Yay! :blush: Happy to help! :smiley:

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I recommend this list of good books

Thank you so much, this is an awesome list!