What trading hardware and software do I need?

New to trading and I am torn between desktop or laptop, mac or windows?
As a newbie what would be good spec if I am firstly going to demo until I go live?

I use Mac laptop + iMac running trading software via parallels desktop, works pretty good for me.

Thank you for the advise, so the parrell desktops have there own screens?

“Parallels” is a type of software you can run on a Mac to make it fully Windows-compatible.

Call me biased (which I undoubtedly am), but for myself, I’ve never seen the point in spending extra on a Mac and then spending even more again on software just to make it think it’s a PC and not a Mac.

The reality is that for 99% of retail traders, 99% of the time, it’s barely relevant what kind of computer you use. [I]Any[/I] reasonably modern PC will have more than enough processing power and speed for any reasonably foreseeable trading purposes.

Your internet connection speed and [I]reliability[/I] are [U]far[/U] more significant.

You do not need anything special in regards with what PC to choose, I use an old laptop with Window XP on it and it work properly. More important is the internet connection.

Many thanks Lexy for the advise, would you suggested two dual screen setup?

Many thanks Sebastiano, fortunately have a lighting fast internet connection. For me I need a larger screen to focus on charts I ������

I know quite a lot of people use something like this. I never have, myself (I’ve always taken the view that “I can only look at one at a time”, though admittedly I sometimes have quite a few windows open/reduced at the same time).

I think this is down to personal preference, really, but I’m not intending to have an additional screen. (I’m often away from home for a couple of months at a time, and just use a laptop then, though I admit I do prefer to have a bigger screen than most laptops can provide).

How many different instruments you want to watch at the same time is perhaps relevant to this decision, too (I trade fewer than many people).

My own hunch - skepchick that I am - is that the benefits of double/multiple screens are widely overstated. :8:

Thanks again Lexy, I have some food for thought.

Any windows pc running the brokers free mt4 platform will work. Before you spend any money on fancy cpu’s and screens though, see if you can get 4 months in a row profitable in just demo trading without cheating. That might take years. It might not ever happen. No need to waste any money before you know if this is for you. Just my own humble opinion. - G

Great point G, many thanks

2 screens is the way to go. I use laptop with duet app on iPad which makes it a second screen and allows me to have chart up with journal also…

Maybe you could try multiscreen trading. For that you need only one monitor. I think that many brokers offer this kind of widget now. It will be easier for you to focus on only one monitor and this will reduce the market noise. I guess any kind of monitor will do the job, just the resolution needs to be good.

I definitely prefer a desktop computer.
As for using multiple monitors, that is not generally necessary but it is definitely helpful when it is possible.

You can use coherence mode so windows up works like a mac app window.