What type of personality should a winning trader be?

I would say he should be calm and think of the next strategy, most important never to have over confidence.

I agree with you. Those are very important to have success.

Right. If you are calm then only will you be able to takes wise decisions.

According to me ,Discipline is surely a quality that winning traders possess.

You have to relax by trading. If I think I have a psychology problem after trading, how can I trade winning? So you have to trade with a positive mentality all the time.

He or she must love getting kicked in the teeth time after time after time.

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The traits of a successful trader are for the most part the same traits it takes to be a successful in any other business.

Granted there are a few differences, but it really about one pointed focus, determination and street smarts.

Here is a great resource for anyone who really needs motivation or just wants to improve their mental strength.


A winning trader should have following qualities- patience, good knowledge and cool minded.

Everything you have mentioned is true. Adding to this, I also want to mention that a trader should be focused.

Calm and intellectual.

Yes! That’s a good gist. Traders having these qualities have a good chance to go longer in this journey.

Must be a quick decision maker. He knows when to make the move and when not to.

Having the ability to take trading decisions based on the market Trends and also on the Analysis inputs will make us a winning Forex trader.

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Patience and forward thinking approach.

Surely, Those are some traits of a winning trader.

A winning trader should be patient and consistent in learning.

A winning trader must be cool, calm, thick skinned, persistent and always willing to learn from his or her mistakes.

Rather than a personality, he/she should be disciplined in understanding how trading works.

If you want to be a successful trader on Wall Street, you better be highly intelligent and have an inspiring work ethic. You also need to have a certain personality – strong, fearless but also humble.