What will happen to the market when Queen Elizabeth II dies?

Does anyone feel they have the knowledge to speculate.

The monarchy in the UK does not have executive power so not likely to impact heavily on the market.

Royal weddings can sometimes impact a little on retail sales but not really that much.

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There won’t be any significant effect on GBP. But London market volumes will be very thin around this occasion and they’ll probably be closed for a day or perhaps two in respect immediately afterwards. Expect also either another London closure or very thin volumes when we get to the state funeral day if that is a weekday: London firms might potentially suspend trading for the duration of the funeral procession and service - the attention of all their staff will be on the media coverage of the occasion anyway.

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I don’t think that it will have a lot of impact on the market. However, a little impact can be seen on the London markets for a day or two.