What will it take for you to get into buying crypto (again, maybe)?

Market looks like it’s potentially rebounding. There’s a sense of cautious euphoria with bitcoin and maybe alts.

We’re seeing double-digits spikes up. Twitter is back to asking which of your favorite alts will 10X this year…

How are you all feeling about the recent gains and possibility of continued price appreciation?

Anybody hopefully?

Anybody placing limit orders hoping to catch what some are describing as another move down before the big rally?

Are you buying already perhaps?


I scaled in starting around $30k, then bought more right before it dropped. Quite foolish.

But I’m still holding. I haven’t sold anything. I’m not worrying about it atm. I’m more focused on trading.

I have no idea when it’ll start creeping up again. If price kept dropping, and big businesses keep making deals, I’d still have a positive expectations for crypto, particularly bitcoin.

I’m still holding so def still bullish deep inside lol. Haven’t bought anything since last year though but I’m watching closely! Might just buy again in the next few days/weeks!

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I’d like to DCA but I need more money for that.

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I want to buy further crypto, but I couldn’t decide between BTC, Alt-coins etc on which single crypto has the best gain potential and also it’s the most reliable one.

Kindly what is the best of the best method to shortlist these Alt-coins for the best gain potential and also the most reliable ones, please?

Tnx and best of luck :angel:

I feel like bitcoin has definitely been the most resilient so I’d bank more on that one vs. getting lucky with any of the altcoins. Just my two satoshis!


Hiya @ponponwei

Thanks. The BTC raise slowly while the alt-coins may exist that raise in price 6X or more few months.

Tnx and best of luck :angel:

Imagine DCAing all the way from the top in Nov 2021!

Don’t worry, you’re not the only who did this, and who needs more money. :rofl:

I would say go back in time and look at the narratives that were big in 2021 and before the 3AC/Luna/FTX blow ups. Do those narratives still hold water?

Gaming? Metaverse? NFTs? Infrastructure plays? Maybe a new L1 or L2 doing something exciting? DeFi?

Look for alts that exploded in price at the start of 2021 and see what they’ve done since Dec 2022 and the start of this year. There have already been some big movers this year. If not much has changed or things have gotten better, say with the amount of developers working on the project, or the amount of active addresses, or increased TVL, VC funding, developer investment programs, partnerships with real world companies, those could be alts to watch.


Def possible but harder to catch unless you have tons of $$ and can spread that around a bunch of altcoins.


It’s been a while since I bought BTC, but with the recent news and interest, I might just start buying again. :open_mouth:

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