What would convince you to be a mentor?

Ah yes that makes sense indeed, if it is for free :rofl:

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Because the signals dont work. Lol. That’s why I said ask these guys for one month free and you’ll pay full with the profits and these ‘mentors’ run a mile. Scammers. You hear all the excuses coming out.

Same with why mentors charge. Same scam excuses come out, people are lazy, they focus more when they pay, I dont want to waste my time and effort BUT I love teaching :joy: etc etc. That’s why I replied to someone above that I’ve heard these excuses before. Its normally followed by people being scammed.


For traders who actually want to study and learn, feel free to follow my signals. Then you can decide by yourself if I am talking the truth or not. Heck just demo it and you will see it by yourself. Some people are so negative?, hurt?, idk, that they have a fixed mindset. Not every mentor out there wants to take your money and run away :rofl:
You still need to be careful of course. There are many scammers in this business, many people who talk a lot and give advice, but are not profitable. So it works both ways. People who want to become successful in Forex do not have to believe me. Just experience by yourself and test things out. If you find a different mentor, but can still become profitabel…THAT IS GOOD TOO. This is for the people who want a mentor. You can also study and experience Forex by yourself of course. It might take longer or maybe not. Really depends on the person.

To be honest, its not that it sounded rubbish it sounded like a scammer talking. That’s why I asked you more to clarify. The excuses coming out are a red flag and got me interested.

Seeing as you’re so sure you only charge for ‘mentorship’, why are you on babypips? This is a community where people ask questions for free and get answered for free. Why would you be a part of this community if you dont teach for free.

Is it so you can impress some beginners and then get them to sign up with you? Is it so you can advertise? Running away from this conversation just shows me a lack of transparency.

Lol so you can under the radar try to scam people. Sorry but i’ve heard these lines before.

Cause I also give free advice. Advicing and mentoring are 2 different things.
Are you so butt hurt that you need to keep attacking me? Work on your psychological or even better on your trading as a whole. Spend time doing that. However if you want to waste your life, that is your choice. Case closed.
Well for the traders out here. Let the results talk for you and not random people like this guy. Not even my words. Results talk.

What are you trying to advertise now? Can you clearly say it. Wouldnt want to say something that sounds like I’m attacking you.

@tradeforex077, this is true, but unfortunately there is far more asking than helping… This has been getting worse even since I started here in 2017… A lot of the traders that use to put in the time to help new traders here have left these forums for one reason or another.

A few are still here and post periodically, I’m not going to name names, but they know who they are.

Over the last few years I have posted many strategies, ideas and solutions to some of the problems with trading these markets that I had when starting out. You can lead a new trader to a strategy, but you can’t make them think…

Trading the currency markets is possibly one of the hardest pursuits to profit from… Yet people wander in to Babypips from all walks of life and believe they will be successful… For most, It’s just won’t be the case.


Some let you try for 1-2 months, so they can collect the money from the lucky part of the customers.
Nobody let you try for one year, that would be significant.
Sell a “method” to 100 students, after 1 month 50 are in profit, you give back the money to the other 50 and you still pocket 50 fees, you can only win, this is the Grail, not trading but selling digital content, there are no costs.


So you guys are saying that ICT should be giving out free signals? And if he doesnt…then hes a scammer? Come on mahn.

Hi my name is Rafra … I have came across those kind of people I asked them startup guidelines of fx…can’t believe even for guidelines they charge…

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I think the thread is getting pulled all over the place.

If the mentor says his signals are profitable and he is legit then why would he not give one month free and let everyone pay for the following month with the profits. If he doesnt do that then there is a chance he is a scammer. Not hes definitely one but the lack of transparency is a red flag. At that point everyone has to make their own decision of whether they want to spend their hard earned cash on him.

If you’re talking about ICT who was here years ago and to prove his method he opened a myfxbook and then went onto blow it…lol then yes he should definitely be providing some proof of his claims.

If you mean someone else, then to prove they are the real deal, we can ask them for a free trial. If it works, it works. If it doesnt then the decision comes down to the person.

Overall I would say anyone who comes to babypips advertising they have a paid mentorship is unreliable and a scammer. Because this website is clearly free and full of people who share free information. So why would you come here in the first place? If someone personally asks you to teach them and for your time you want to charge that’s fine but dont advertise it here. And if you do, expect someone to ask for a free trial :man_shrugging:t2:


I personally would not like to be someone’s mentor. I do not mind sharing some of my knowledge and experience with traders. However, I would not take responsibility of trading on live account on someone’s behalf. Trading is tough business. There is no point of making it tougher.

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Ok to be fair I can see theres been alot of contoversy previously on ICT but Ive not read into it so it so couldnt really comment, I for one dont believe hes a scammer, and speak to several of his students that have been through his mentorship, use his concepts, and trade profitably. I also use ICTs concepts and am part of a community that uses them aswell. But I do appreciate that its a personal opinion.

But I also believe the whole “scammer” thing has been overblown, and I think theres a lot less scammers than people actually assume. And that the use of the word “mentor” or “mentorship” on babypips has been tarnished up to the point where it would be impossible to start a “mentor” thread without the word “scammer” being used multiple times.

Personally I dont see a problem with offering paid training and babypips should serve as a good resource pool for finding them among other services, to be fair though keeping it to the “commercial” section would help. Plus asking a question on a babypips thread can only get you so far, as people only have so much free time they can allocate. Plus most of the basic questions can be answered in the pipsology school anyway.


100% agree with you here. But I err on the side of caution because I feel sorry for every post i see where someone has been scammed or paid for candlestick patterns which is free on babypips. You can start a mentor thread but if it’s being used to suck people in so to charge them later then from what I’ve seen this is not what this site is about.

For that we need full transparency. I wouldnt want babypips to be known for making scammers money by sending unsuspecting beginner traders to them. The way to prove it’s legit is at minimum provide a free trial so you can see does it fit your personality, do you like the way they teach, the way they trade. I dont agree with having to pay, just to later on realise you dont like the trading style or it’s not profitable.

Or as already being done someone just starts a thread and you get lots of opinions.


Imagine attacking someone over and over with something as subjective as one’s own red flags?

The system he describes is anything but a scam. It’s obviously a way to filter folks who are willing to learn as opposed to those looking for handouts.

Maybe when you stop feeling so outraged at something that was never personally directed at you, it’ll start making sense.

I said it’s a way scammers get money out of people. Later on they realise they paid for material that is free on babypips course. So being wary is a good thing. It’s a free website, people come here for free handouts. So why come here to charge for teaching? It didnt make sense to me.

My red flags may be subjective but they are built from other peoples bad experiences. When I hear lots of different ways people get scammed it then becomes a red flag. If other people took the time to do this too they wouldn’t get scammed.

If you want a mentorship then you can pay him. But dont come back here and start a thread saying ‘I’ve been scammed…’

I wouldnt say there was anything wrong with pointing out a scam to others as this would help catch them out. And the “ive been scammed” threads are probably quite usefull for that. Im more on about the reverse of almost blanketing every vendor as a potential scammer. Plus there are scammers in all walks of life and its up to each “individual” to do there own due diligence.

Plus if people are paying for stuff thats free like on babypips, then they should maybe be questioning there own logic rather than the ethics of someone else. Theres always going to be opportunists in every walk of life, but individuals need to be smart enough to avoid them.
But fear mongerings not the answer.

The Lonely Island song “YOLO” comes to mind :joy:

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You just downright publicly harassed and accused someone of scamming. Where’s the proof?

There’s mention of teaching a group of people. There was no mention of whether they were solicited. For all you know they could be friends, colleagues or family. You decided to assume he was using babypips to solicit newbies. Proof he’s using babypips to solicit newbies?

Forex trading is a type of Business that needs to be learned by us by a method of Self learning to be able to earn the Profits on a consistent basis.

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That’s not enough justification to go on a jihadi crusade and accuse folks who give it as a service of scamming.