What would you ask an Investment Bank Forex Trader at his desk?

Have a chance to spend some time with a trader and am free to asking anything.

I have gone through babypips education and a couple of online trading courses (I am practising on demo currently). Now at a stage where I want to learn day trading and live and breath it BUT i need to know WHAT to live and breathe.

I’d appreciate any help and suggestions :slight_smile:

Yep ask do they use fundamentals or technical or both and how.
Do they journal their trades and what in particular are they looking for when they analyse them.
Ask them about stop loss placement, how they decide where to put them.
When they go through a losing streak, do they stop trading for the day or week or plough through using their system.
How do they keep emotions under control both in winning streaks and losing.
If you get the answers to these, let me know. Good luck with interview.

What is his ROI per month?
If his ROI were consistently positive every month. But out of the blue, for ONE month he hit a negative ROI. Do they get sack immediately or just a counselling session, and send away for some time off to chill.

How did he get the job as an investment bank forex trader? Do you need a degree in whatever? Will a diploma unrelated to finance do?

“If you’re such a hot shot trader, why aren’t you trading through a laptop on a beach with a cool drink next to you?”


I know right?

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Ask they about their strategies, where they focus, etc.

Maybe silly questions but I would like to know why banks need traders if they use algorithm and what brokers do if positions get filled automathically?