What YouTube channels are best?

Did he ever do a paid thing? I know he’s got some haters on here because a challenge of his blew up or something. But from what I’ve read, he’s never sold a course or book right?

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Hey @Thebeezneez, I think Michael (ICT) ruffled a few of the self proclaimed geniuses back in the day, hence he was trolled out of Babypips a few years back…

It was just before I started here as I vaguely remember seeing some of the fallout… The SPE’s at the time went on for months about what ever happened…

Fortunately most of them have withered off the vine as well…

I have linked his complete FREE courses here somewhere on BP a few times, for those that were interested to follow his strategies and other content.


@Trendswithbenefits & @Thebeezneez, I could be completely wrong here but here but I believe this Michael guy is here as a main moderator?

I had never heard of him or ICT (Strange I know), until this post so I did a bit of digging to see what old posts were on here about him.

I found this one where someone is paying him out… The Cult Leader of Babypips and I see he has replied from an account called ‘System’ and it has a moderator icon next to it.

I thought I had seen this avatar before and yeah it was the account that would message me whenever I moved up a trust level…

I don’t really care either way just thought it was interesting. I have never watched any of his content or know anything about him so am impartial to what he has or hasn’t done.

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Believe it’s a placeholder for a deleted username. If you look at any quoted posts it shows the username that was present at the time of reply.


Hi @TraderEvolved, Well found, I had a passing look at his content a few years back, I’m also impartial to his courses and teachings as I have never watched any content either.

I’m more than happy to point members to requested information if I can track it down.

If you search back to through the 2010 to 2014 era on Babypips (I got here in 2017ish) there was some seriously helpful and informative threads being generated…

Michael (ICT) last post was in May 2017… Definitely a Mod as he has Leader and System status.


Good pickup, thanks!

As I understand it the account that got blown was to make the point of overtrading killing accounts. I may well be wrong but personally I find his teachings eye opening and would recommend him. If that ruffles some feathers then so be it :man_shrugging:

Really cool interview with Kathy Lien, who talks about topics like juggling motherhood & trading and trading as a banker.

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Here it is better to clarify which channels we are talking about - for recreation or training.

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At this point in time I would like to see more from a training point of view :slight_smile:

Kathy Lien, super smart lady.

I haven’t been around here that long. I don’t know, but I can ask a mod.

No need to ask. Doesn’t worry me either way, I don’t know the guy or his business so whether he is a mod or not doesn’t phase me.

in fact, now there are a lot of such channels in the network, and most of them are full of slag, and it is really difficult to get on something normal

Brad Gilbert (Traders4Traders) does a breakdown of the NFP numbers released on the 03rd. Really informative.

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Yea, I read anything Kathy Lien puts online and she’s influenced me the most so far. Even that video has a ton of nuggets.

I have found this channel to be good :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/c/sprofitofficial

does it look like an advertisement, or is it a really efficient channel?

With 4 decades of experience as a pro trader Linda Raschke’s got a legendary rep in the trading world. She and her husband (Damon Pavlatos, who’s got slightly longer experience as a trader) share a lot of insights.

Her channel’s worth checking out

A common theme I personally found in their videos is the passion they have for trading, even after all these years, and the lengths they go to for backtesting and analysis. No shortcuts.

Great suggestions- thanks for sharing!