What's so great about Oanda?

Do other brokers jack their spreads like these guys during news? I’m tired of getting my SL triggered when they spike their spreads. I was aware of the US $ news coming out this morning so I avoided any pairs with the $. However I didn’t realize Oanda would jack their spreads on no less than 10 pairs, many not involving the US $. So they make it difficult for you to trade news (which I don’t) or have tight stop losses (which I use occasionally). Do all brokers do this?

It would be one thing if they emailed you a day in advance warning you of the pairs involved instead of a just news update right before the action (middle of the night for me). Considering it is Forex and not all traders are keeping their time and watching their website I don’t think it is unfair to ask for a warning so a trader can widen a SL or get out of a trade.

Yes I am new to Forex and am the first to admit I have much to learn but this is one game I don’t understand. If there are other brokers that don’t play this way then I would love to know who they are. Thanks and sorry for the rant.