What's something you think traders don't talk about enough?

for me ,i don’t see people here questioning.

back when i still learning ,i question about indicators ,stoploss , Jesse Livermore and even rules of forex trading.people tend to swallow others’ perspective and spread it again.when ppl lose ,they tend to blame themselves for not disiplined enough,not this not that bla bla,why dont we just question the “system”,who make the rules and why they make it that way? why is forex trading rules different from stock?is that what makes you losing money? i would love to see such kind of question being asked.

If we talk about serious traders which generate positive returns consistently then I think they will be reluctant to discuss how much they earn and of course their know-how, trading tricks because money is involved there.

Trading plans and strategies, not because of someone will make more money than them but newbies can copy their styles which can blow newbie’s account which is not ethically good.

Most traders have terrible risk management and chart analysis.

Why so many are dependent on useless TA and chart overlays.

Oooooh. :open_mouth: That’s a very interesting way of looking at things. :thinking: Hmm. I bet a lot of us here have questioned the “system” at one point of our trading careers, but ended up just submitting anyway. Haha. :smiley: Because the system in place has been established even far before some of us have been born. :sweat_smile:

That makes sense. :thinking: It’s normal to think that those who have “unlocked” the key to forex success would want to keep the “key” to themselves. :sweat_smile:

Oh. :open_mouth: Yeah. That’s another view. A strategy that might be working for you may not work for someone else. :thinking:

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I think this is something very common among newbies, and there are moments when I’m also guilty of this actually. :sweat_smile:

You got me right!


Yes, I agree. Traders don’t discuss strategies. We should discuss them more often in general.

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Yeah it is important to take clues from other traders’ opinions because despite scarcity of valuable information you can still discover some ideas for trading

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Generating ideas from the information is a better bet here.

I would have to agree! :blush: I think we all have different approaches to trading, and it wouldn’t hurt to know more about how we do things. :smiley: But I do understand also that some people worked extra hard and event spent money on their strategies, which is why they’re not too excited to also discuss it with others. :open_mouth:

I’m not sure if you’ve answered this in the past, but, if you don’t mind, how long have you been trading? :blush:

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I have answered somewhere this, though now 3 years on it.
How long have you been here and what markets you prefer to trade on?

Traders don’t talk about the psychological aspects of trading enough! We all know that we need to do our research and learn the basics of technical analysis, but that’s just step one in becoming a trader. The next step is learning about yourself and how you work best; because if you don’t know yourself, then the markets will always be one step ahead of you.

How about when we get it completely wrong Hard to stomach I guess, especially if you were really committed to your thoughts at the time of the trade.

real backtesting of its own strategy, including slippage and tick moment entry and exit

make it as robust as posible

Bankroll management is something I bet 95% of the average losing long term trader has very little skill in managing.

I am happy you talked about this aspect too. But I would like to go deeper, how to control the emotions and how they can not only affect trading but also personal psychological health.

I think some morning walks, breathing exercises, meditation and healthy food habits can help here.