Whats the craic? Greetings from Ireland

How is everybody doing, My name is Joan from Dublin Ireland.( By the way Whats the craic is something we say in Ireland just means Hello.) Just joined the form and also just started trading binary and learning to trade forex. Joined two brokers 24option.com and BDSwiss, Anyone know anything about them? Hoping to use this form to talk to others and maybe learn a few things? The internet is a minefield that done my head in trying to find information until I found this site. Have to say hats off to the people ruining this site the school is awesome. I am learning so much. I got more info here that I did from my account manager. Here’s the thing anyone know a good signal provider that does not require you to sign up with a broker?? Love to hear from you .

Think I just broke the rules here asking about Signal providers , Sorry back of the class for me?

Top of the morning to you Bobby.
Forget signal providers, about as much use as snake oil.
Take a peek here at Andys 3 ducks system, easy to set up and follow, plus he’s a Dubliner

Hi Carlos, Thank you for your reply, I am looking at that just now thanks again for the info