What's the funniest thing you've ever seen in Forex?

Was browsing another well known Forex forum and this made me laugh so much!

Anyone else got any amusing stuff?

Circular trendlines - ROLMFAO, surely Ive seen it all now!

Yeah!!! i have seen systems with a lot of sma and only two are realy used.

Circular trendline is a first to me!

looks alot like GHOKU about to fire off the ‘universe ball’ (Thats for dragonball fans)

Hmm, it’s maybe not that wrong to have a strat with those circles. Trends are usually parabolic, so a circle may be of use with a trend following strat.

If it profits it does not matter the shape.

Thank you piptronix

this is another, head and shoulders :smiley:

Notice how it bounced up! Hahaha, just goes to show the effectiveness of some of these things… :smiley:

BTW: That’s a really good drawing! O.O

I think it just might be, there’s lateral thinking but that’s just going 'round in circles!

Anyone remember my dogleg discussion?

It putted some smile on my face. It is looking like a sculpture of a golden man.

If could be the Man of the Golden Ratio himself! Mr Fibonacci!

Remember this one…rather amusing…the Camel Trading System

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in Forex?

Simple my trading account

Yes, I do. LOL. :smiley:

You remember my giraffe theory?

Here it is from the side:

There’s no shortage of crazy stuff on the forums, and although not a forex chart, it still made me laugh


I almost spit my drink over my keyboard when I saw this one! LOL. I think I am going to try some of these ‘methods’ in my demo account and see what happens, just for kicks.

That camel method… looks promising. I almost want to learn it. LOL



You mean one of these three:




And not to mention leandar’s ‘antics’ and ‘fundamental analysis’ as the whole on the very same thread!!! LOL!!!