What's the most you ever lost?

Me: 1010.00 (last night). I feel like Newt Gingrich in that SNL skit: What the HELL happened?! :smiley:

Me $ 450 (in 0.1 lot trade) in less than five minutes, the 6 of May 2010 in GBP/JPY betwen 20:45 to 20:50 (GMT) AMAZING BEARISH MOVEMENT.

About $63,000 (yes, in one day).

Dont’ let the loss eat you up if you intend to keep trading. Learn all the lessons and be honest with yourself if you broke some of your rules. Don’t make excuses like “my broker is a crook” or “the market hates me”, those only distract from the real reason that you lost money, YOU (or ME in my case:)). I had to involve my wife after that loss, promised her that I would take certain measures to ensure that I don’t do that again, a promise to her carries a lot of weight for me.

I would reccommend doing some remedial demo trading if you need to get your mind right and maybe learn some things to overcome whatever caused the loss. I did that today even and learned some techniques to help with the risk and fix the things that I was doing wrong.

63,000–outstanding! :eek:

Thanks for the encouraging words, you’re right. I’ve been getting entirely ahead of myself, it’s time to go back to a demo account and do this the right way.

Romad7 wins (err… loses). Might as well close the thread now! :slight_smile:

On one trade, $4400.00. (4 full size positions, and a 110 pip move against me)

On my initial 30k live account, 10k.

Don’t worry, it’s all better now;)

Yeah, not the award I hoped for in the beginning but I actually think it is better that way. The big loss (and some medium ones as well) has taught me more than years of success ever could and has helped me attain the right mindset for a successful career. Definitely true in Forex that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger:D

$400 in one trade (I am just trading 0.2 lot) but my partner made $25000 in one week and then he lost $70000 in the next week. Thank God it was a demo

Demos don’t count.

I’ve lose millions in a demo account.

[I]About $63,000 (yes, in one day).[/I] :eek:

~ 250 usd in a trade (our group of trades) was my biggest loss. Around 20% of my account size.

I can’t lose this with any one trade anymore. Because my risk tolerance limit right now is rather 70 usd a day or something like that. If I lose more I stop trading for a while.

Okay, my EA could lose a maximum of 300 usd in one trade group right now. But that’s worst worst (did I write “worst”?) case with worst conditions and three wrong signals in a row. Possible, but not very likely. rrr on just signals is 35:0 or so. :slight_smile:

I never trade without SL.

At all I can not lose. I am in profit zone since beginning 5 months ago. I’m just experiencing decreases with my manual trading from my 100% profit what I had in 4 months.

Most of it because I still do checks and tests what signals work best for my system and how I can improve it even more. The problem right now is that I can the system only use with one group of brokers, because it depends on H4 timeframe and this depends on the server time. Always searching for live education while having the opportunity to grow or shrink a little my live account. To find a system what works then on H1 or smaller, because that is not dependent on server time of the broker.

I lost way more temporary with some stocks a couple of years ago.

Yes, half a million! But it was a bond trade in the late 80’s :confused:

I’ve managed to squash at least one forex account in excess of $5k, but that’s when I was learning to un-learn all my bad investment habits. :rolleyes:

I’ve since twice taken $500 accounts to over $10k in about six months each. :smiley:

The trick for me was to forget about the big home run scores and focus on the easy singles; and of course losing big numbers is strictly verbotten. :slight_smile:

I managed to wipe $24k out of a $29k account through a margin call. Fortunately the broker admitted there was a technical malfunction in the platform and the way the margin call was executed which resulted in a $19 000 refund.

I think he’s joking. But if he’s not, all I can say is… sorry to hear man.

One trade open for one day: $28 000. In a losing period of around eight months: around $80 000. So I don’t ‘win the contest’ I see!!! LOL!!!

BUT LET ME ADD THIS that may interest you all:

Every SINGLE LOSS over the past five years can be attributed to FOREX with the ONE exception of the above $28 000 trade (trading the Brasilian Bovespa WITH NO STOPS and THAT is a ‘tiger’ let me tell ya)!!! Sure there have been losses on stocks and commodities but I’m overall ‘up’ on these. And it does not matter WHAT I do i.e. THE MOMENT I TOUCH FOREX it ‘leads to tears’ EVEN USING the EXACT SAME system(s)!!! LOL!!! Could it be psychological??? I’ve thought about this at length but I don’t think so. I’ve learned to trade like a ‘machine’ so it’s not like I’m doing anything different on FOREX.

Go figure.



P.S. I don’t THINK Hirohito is joking??? I mean: what would be the point??? There’s no ‘prize’ is there??? If there is: then I’ll be editing the above figures BIG TIME so let me know!!! LOL!!!

One Million Dollar? Damned! I can’t imagine if I’m losing that big…
I lost 1000$ in one day and I felt so streesed out and nearly had a suicide

I have many demo accounts, unfortunately many of them is a failure, it’s good I experienced losing a millions even though its only a demo, but it’s the worst if your succeeding in demo and then losing in live,:smiley:

yes, he loose one million dollars in his demo account haha :D:D:D

Man… when I started I dumped $23,000 on the emini S&P 500… oooh depressing, then, I decided to learn how to trade properly.

I beat my own low score a couple of months ago. I turned 200 into 3200 in about three weeks. Then I left a trade open overnight with no stop–I was already down an amount that I could not accept taking as a loss, so I couldn’t risk getting stopped out for even more, right? It was very late, I was tired and my thinking was pathetic. I woke up the next morning to something like -2300. The loss that I just couldn’t take was less than 500. Within a week I lost the rest. That month was a hell of a ride, by my standards.
Since then I 've continued to lose. How can I get back in to that “zone”, that zen state of mind where I just plain win? I didn’t have any kind system or method, I wasn’t using any indicators, I wasn’t paying any attention to news, I don’t think (maybe I was here and there, but certainly not properly). I was trading instinctively based on price action. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I need a defined method, just like everybody else. Someday I’ll be in that zone again, but I’ll have the structure to keep everything from falling apart.

How true… some times youare in the zone and some times your not… Great when you are though. the only way to keep it going is to stick to your very high probability trade set ups