What's the scam?

Ok whats the scam? I keep getting these free forex expert advisors and free mechanical trading system in my email. All of them with a bs story how they want to give me this free sytem that has consistantly earned $300 a day and all this stuf.

ive gotten robinhood as of lately and before that a scalping one and an elliot wave 3 wave trading system. It seems that the other affiliates have jumped on distributing these free systems like forexkiller and forexautocash im waiting for fapsturbo to jump on board too.

why are they sending me this stuff and do they realy think that Im going to run a robot on my account with virtually no information about it???

my only guess is they are trying to get alot of people to trade the exact same way to drive price. Does that seem crazy or what?

what do you guys think???

and you thought the last site you went to was a porn site !!!


seems you stepped into the motherlode of EA selling sites, and now they got your email

but aside from that, your last question is VERY interesting simply because thats what is done with penny stocks — by advertising and spamming (no not me) people were able to influence the direction of a stock rather easily, but mostly for their OWN gain as they would begin buying a few days before the “pump” and then announce to all that xysd was going UP – and looking at a chart, one could see it was going up, so millions of shares got bought.

as the stock would reach each significant resistance area, the “pumpers” would buy more, pushing the stock price higher, until that one moment when they would SELL into the buying frenzy going on, removing millions of shares in seconds, and imagine what happened next ?

thats why its called “pump and dump”

and the stock would NEVER see that price again !

while forex may not be that blatant, and it is a continuous trending animal, a version of that behavior is why currencies go up and down.


all this talk of porn and pump and dumps lol!!!

I just can’t figure out there agenda coz there is no offer to buy anything or any type of affiliate link. At first I thought they want me to install their robot on my account and gain access to my money and information.

But they also send me these free mechanical systems. ill paste an email or 2 so you guys can see.

BTW I removed all the links

Hi, john

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heres another one

[B]Links Removed[/B]

Hi, John I would like to thank you for requesting my Forex course - The Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System.

I am sure you will enjoy the system for 2 very simple reasons:
it is easy to implement and it works!
As with anything else we learn in life, there is a very important sequence we must follow in order to achieve success… in order to fully �milk� what we are learning. This is no different in Forex… probably just that much more important.
I do not know if you are new to Forex trading or whether already have some trading experience.
Regardless, I do ask you to go through the material in the following order:

  1. Read the eBook once
  2. Make notes of what you did not understand
  3. Re-read the eBook and try to fully understand the points you did not fully grasp during your first reading
  4. Watch the videos once
  5. Take notes while watching the videos and compare them to what you have learned in the eBook
  6. Watch the videos again
    I know how eager most people are to start making mo.ney right away, and that is perfectly fine… it is human nature. I just want to point out that the markets will still be there tomorrow� next week� next month. Your trading capital, however, may not be quite so resilient if you do not stop and invest time, effort and apply discipline now. So, please take your time - go over the material in the way that I have recommended. Then - and only then - start by demo trading the system until you feel comfortable and confident with it. Important:
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wildly interesting

i have never seen this type of advertising or spam but i remain a very suspicious person where this type of thing is concerned - - - -

if its too good to be true, then its too good to be true !

and offering this up to you, because someone likes the color of your eyes or something, just doesnt sit well with me ---- make sure your malware and virus checkers are scanning your email !

when he calls you on the phone, find out whats up !

im certainly interested in whats happening


Hehe Johnny,
Are you sure you did not subscribe to Yahoo metatrader group? This is one of the email threads in there, and from what you describe about people just offering you “other” indicators and system.

husky now that you mention it i might have subscribed a couple months ago but i never got any confirmation and these emails are not identified as belonging to a yahoo group.

What’s the #1 thing marketers need in order to prosper?

Hint: It’s NOTHING to do with “pump and dump”

Traders need to understand that the VOLUME traded in the OTC (Over The Counter) Retail Forex trade, has zero effect on the World FX markets. That privilege (creating Volume) belongs to the Banks and Interbank clearing houses.

Pump-and-Dump is non-existent in FX - unless it’s in the news feed emailed to you by your local bucket-shop-OTC-dealer. (Forex Yard is really good at calling the market 180 degrees to the correct trend … be warned).

No - what the “Free” marketers really want is your email adress - from which they lin you to their affiliates. Of course you will not complain because you did ask for the info - and you would not mind alse being let in on another “exclusive” release" … would you?

Delete … delete … and don’t bother with free stuff unless from a reputable site like this one. If it’s any good, it will be subjected to the scrutiny and critique of regular traders.