When do you trade?

WHEN are good times to trade, do you set your trades the night before
and sit back and wait?

what’s the best times?
what sessions is the best to be in (Asian market, Euro etc)

I am in a 9-5 job…and it’s hard to do this during work

ANY ADVICE would be greatly help me on the path to the dark side
i N E E D K N O W L E G E


I’ve been setting my trades the night before and check them in the morning before work, and again after I come home from work.

As far as the best times for trading, I recommend that you read through the pip school here at babypips. There’s a lot of good forex information in it, including the best times for catching a good session: Market Hours

What time zone are you in?

same as New York

Since you work during a good portion of the US trading session, obviously you will be unable to trade then. Since you probably need to sleep like a regular human being, trading during the European session, which is during the middle of the night for you, is probably also out of the question.

Your choices left are either trade during the Asian session or skip intraday trading altogether and try trading with a longer term timeframe.

Or what you can do is set an automatic trading style if you have a good amount to deposit say atleast $10,000/-
And then set automatic trading, with 0.10 lot buying, which gives you minimial risk as well as minimal profit, but it will be automatic during the time you sleep, and wont miss any heavy trades during the time u sleeping, and when you get awake, set everything manual, and get back to grounds and trade…

I feel Asia time is very dull sometimes, most heavy is European and USA timings…

I for one love pre London. It is like the perfect time for me to get in a position and then London rolls around and I see what happens. I do not like the idea of automatic trading. Why do you have to be in the market all the time? Why don’t you go for longer time frames. So you can have longer duration trades and yet be comfortable enough to sleep?

Of course the Tokyo session is going to be slow if you aren’t trading a yen crosses…?

There is always action to be had in the market. I am trying to follow as many pairs as I can, I am only up to two :slight_smile: If you follow a lot of pairs there will also be some action no matter when you are trading. Just remember to let the trades come to you, don’t force it!

Daily charts are good. Eastern Time Zone is a little rough if you have an actual life and an actual job. There is no need to give up either to learn to trade.

In general it may be wise for new traders to stick with long time frames and thoroughly test ideas on demo accounts. Explore position sizing, money management, and trading psychology fully before using real money.