When trends begin to conform to fundamentals, all stars align in your trading

Hello traders,

I am just looking at my trading

and I see how slowly, SLOWLY

(ten months or so) the trends

that I have targeted and for

which I have taken positions

are finally taking shape: among

them, the equities short positions

that have avoided the inevitable

and are now with increasing frequency

beating down on once-secure levels

(e.g. the 2,000 for the S&P500 and the

6,000 for the FTSE100).

Similarly, my EUR/GBP short has been

pressing again and again on

that 0.78 level, after failing to

break above a long-term

descending channel top

around 0.80…

My GBP/NZD is also finally

beginning to align with its

upward projection from

historic lows, and the ascent

from 2.04 is finally regaining


It feels very good to validate

one’s approach through time,

where patience begins to pay

off: while waiting almost a year

to get confirmation of one’s

setups is not for everyone, I

would like to say that it

would be worth trying, even

just on a demo account, if you

really want to know how

riding large themes/trends works

its flow through time.

Happy Trading.

Good to see trends reasserting themselves.
Now, haven’t you a nappy to change? :slight_smile:

You’ve watched and waited for 10 months to see your trades come right??? What [I]have [/I]you been doing with your time in the meantime??? Oh yes, I forgot, you’ve just had a baby, well not you, actually, but anyway, congratulations on all accounts! :smiley:

The great thing about PipMeHappy’s style of trading is that he can switch his pc off and enjoy being a newbie dad for a while.
Best days of your life buddy, make the most of them

Yes it must be great to be able to say goodnight to the baby in person instead of Skyping from the lounge trading desk to the nursery.

But I hear they do a nice pram nowadays with built-in keyboard and monitor - great for the modern father/trader on walkies…

Haha sorry, I should not be on BabyPips but baby was sleeping and mother too, in a tiny hospital room shared with five other couples, so you are just sat on the chair trying to think of something to do…

That’s when I went from babywatch to babypips



I intend to avoid being the mobile-'phone-junkie

parent, so I will just do trading-related checking etc.

when my daughter will sleep…

However, I hope to introduce her to trading

fairly early, so that she will not be thirty-odd years

too late, like her father :slight_smile:

Thank you !

I gave her the first bottle feed today…

Sorry, I did not intend to turn

a Babypips thread into a BabyPops one…


Thank you, Manxx

I cannot tell you what a joy it is to hold her in my


Anyway, certainly my trading approach was very

much in preparation for changes in my life

where I would not have been able to day trade,

so it was the right decision…

I know exactly what you mean, been there three times already :slight_smile: …And don’t worry about her early interest in trading, just read her bedtime stories like the “Tales of Jesse Livermore”, or “once upon a time there were these Three Ducks”, take her to ride on the Elliot Wave machine or down the Donchian channels…


Funny :))

I bet you are an amazing father :slight_smile:

If she has trouble getting to sleep you could always try reading some of the threads here to her, suitably adapted of course…“Goldillocks thinks the dollar will go up tonight tonight unless it ranges, but there is always the chance it might go down” zzzzzzzzzzz

Kids certainly change one’s perspectives on just about everything. One of the best advantages is having a good excuse to buy all the toys that you [I]really [/I]wanted to play with! :smiley:

…Not to mention the three bears “Who’s been hunting for [I]my [/I]stops???”

You wouldn’t have the cheek to refer to a certain thread on EuroDollar by any chance, would you? ;p

Quality :slight_smile: