Where can US Clients Trade BOTH Forex and Crypto? N1CM?

I’ve been trading Forex on the ThinkOrSwim Platform. The Bitcoin Futures contracts are too large for the amount of money I want to play with although I say the announcement that in May CME will have Bitcoin mini lots I think. Anyway, I prefer to use one platform. I learned, slowly from going to many broker sites (IG, Etoro, you name it), these brokers either offer Forex trading to US Clients, or Cryptocurrencies, but never both. I’ve gathered from the April 15, 2021 list of Offshore brokers here I stumbled across, this is the fault of the CFTC.

So if I want a solid/legit Broker (that at least supports MetaTrader 4), are the Babypips “Trusted Brokers” the only ones I shoulds seriously consider that allow US Clients to trade Forex and Crypto. And if so, does anyone recommend one over the others?

As long as I properly report profit/loss on my US Taxes, can I still get in trouble with the IRS using these brokers?

I also ran across N1CM. Have not confirmed yet if they offer Forex and Crypto to US Clients. They’ve gotten really good reviews though. A fairly new outfit though.

I only want to deposit $2K to play with. So any major brokers offering crypto futures that require like $25K deposit are out of the question.

US regulated forex brokers are limited to IG, Forex.com, Oanda and TDAmeritrade. I’m thinking the broker you need will end up being an offshore broker.

I’d check out this thread for more info on offshore brokers. Super active.

I think you should use an old broker like Tenkofx, at least you can relax your mind. They have enough crypto assets you could trade.

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So far, I have collaborated with several dozens of brokers. But from last 1-1.5 year I am trading with Oanda and [removed for Forums violation]. Oanda is regulated while [removed for Forums violation] is not. The kind of requirements we have, we have to land up to the offshores to fulfill them. So, if you ask me to choose one, I will say [removed for Forums violation] is the “Trusted broker” of babypips, it supports MT4,MT5 and Act trader platform. I can trade forex, cryptos, indices and commodities/metals with them with a leverage of 1:500. The biggest reason I am still sticking with this broker is because even though they are unregulated, they are genuine to their customers. I learned about [removed for Forums violation] from my trading university and till now, not even a single person from our batch has left [removed for Forums violation]. That shows the credibility of the broker.

You can look for IG ,Oanda or [removed for Forums violation], I have used them all at different times and they all offer forex and crypto currencies.The three of them have incredible trading conditions, solid trading platforms and are open to accepting the clients from US. You can look them up and register if they work for you

No all the way to N1CM. The process isn’t smooth. They will try to scam you with calls. And you won’t get your money from the withdrawals.

It looks like Trading.com has a US regulated division now, and they offer MT5.

But they only offer Forex. No crypto through Trading.com that I can see.