Where is forex in your list of priorities?

Making myself better each day in forex is one of my top priorities.

That’s a great goal. :smiley: Haha. And in the process, you also make yourself a better and more profitable trader. :blush: Good luuuck!

Hmmm. :thinking: Although I do see the point of not allowing yourself to be put under any stress or tension, I just think it’s critical to learning sometimes. :open_mouth: I could be wrong though. What do you do to avoid getting stressed? :thinking:

Ooooh. That’s gonna be a big step! :blush: I hope you’re really to prepared to go that route. :smiley: If you don’t mind, how long have you been trading? :smiley:

I used to go on and off but now I am on the path of becoming a consistently profitable forex trader. I am trying to prioritise forex as much as I can. I think our success in forex greatly depends upon how much time we can devote for our trading career. So, even part time traders should make sure to keep forex trading on the top in their priority list.

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Super happy for you! :blush: And I really wish you all the best in that journey. :smiley: By any chance, do you have any plans of starting something like a trading journal here? :smiley:

At the moment, forex is on the top spot in my priority list. I just want to keep progressing and be consistently profitable like how I am as of now.

That sounds exciting! :blush: If you don’t mind, how long have you been trading/ learning about forex? :smiley:

Hey buddy! I am trying to put forex on my top priority list, But, I am unable to do so due to lack of inconsistency. Can you please share some tips to be consistent in trading?

Have a consistent plan for a specific amount of time and trade without fear, emotion and greed if you wanna earn good because being profitable in the market inspires me and keeps me motivated to remain consistent in trading.

Currently, forex is one of my top priorities.

For me, forex would come second. The first priority is always the near and dear ones, and myself.
If you are trying to make a living out of forex, make it your first or second priority. The more you focus and stay disciplined, the more likely you are to improve your trading skills and be more profitable.

Even for me. Keeping it as a priority helps me to progress quickly with efficiency.

I believe if it is not in one’s priority list, then they can’t expect to make money from it.

Well, right now FX is my only one profession; so definitely Forex is my 1st priority! But that’s doesn’t mean Forex more important than my family & health!

"To be honest, since I’m trying to be a writer in the future, I prioritize my writing workshops and classes over trading. "

Interestingly enough I too dabble in the business of writing but forex has distracted me greatly. I have published a few books but have decided to put writing on hold as I can always go back to it when I am where I want to be with forex. :upside_down_face:

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I think I have reached that stage in my life where my first priority is my health and overall well-being. The 2nd priority for me is my family and my job. 3rd is forex.

Yes same goes for me.

Maybe I would like to have trading as my first priority, but the long term trading style that fits me decided for me.
I think the same is for you and everybody who is going to participate in this. First of all try to define what trading strategy you’re best at; and then it would be more clear what place in the priorities’ hierarchy trading should take.

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This is something that’s typically overlooked, but I’m happy more people are realizing its importance. :blush: I just need to learn how to prioritize this in my life also. :sweat_smile:

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