Where is my money?

Hello all,
i’ve sent money to my broker(Northfinance.com) since on the 11th April of this same year and yet my account has not been credited to that effect. I brought this to there awareness and i was asked to send my swift copy which i did. They responded in telling me proper investigation will be made on it. But, for over a week now they’ve ignored all my emails telling them to keep me posted as to the whereabouts of my money.
I’ve checked with my bank here and my account has been debited to that effect and the money sent to them. WHAT DO I DO, i’m begining to be anxious over it and hoping i’ve not lost my money

Find out if your bank can pull the funds back. About four years ago, my kids used their moms debit card to buy something online. I convinced the bank that it was not authorized and the bank pulled the funds back. This was a big bank so maybe you can and maybe you can’t. I’t has to be worth looking in to.

Hope you can do it, or this is figured out and you don’t have to.

Good luck!