Where is my Money?

Hello all,
i’ve sent money to my broker(Northfinance.com) since on the 11th April of this same year and yet my account has not been credited to that effect. I brought this to there awareness and i was asked to send my swift copy which i did. They responded in telling me proper investigation will be made on it. But, for over a week now they’ve ignored all my emails telling them to keep me posted as to the whereabouts of my money.
I’ve checked with my bank here and my account has been debited to that effect and the money sent to them. WHAT DO I DO, i’m begining to be anxious over it and hoping i’ve not lost my money

I finally decided to open my first forex account with North Finance, after using at least 15 demos from different companies for several months. Last Thursday 4/19/07 I wired them $500.00 USD. Then yesterday I read your post here and started getting that no so fresh feeling. So I e-mailed them a scanned copy of my bank wire confirmation, just to help them out you know. But lo and behold, I woke up this morning and my money had arrived, (minus $22.00, I guess the correspondent/intermediary bank gets a cut too!)

Anyway, just thought it might ease your mind a little bit to know someone did get their money through to North Finance.

I did quite a bit of research on them before I decided to open an account with them because they are in Belize and unregulated. But I have found no horror stories on any forums that I have been to, and most reviews that I have found are favourable. My guess is that your money has been misplaced, but certainly not stolen.