Where to Demo on

I’m a newbie in the house. What sites can I go which have good demos account to play with. Also how any visual tutorials available. Thanks ya

Hi niuboy,

You can try FX Solutions - Simplified Forex Trading with Premier Forex Trading System . I have been using their demo for almost two months now. Most of the other demos i’ve seen only run for a month before they reset the account.

hello, you could try fxcm they seem ok and are always trying to educate you . although somtimes forcibly which is not always a bad thing.
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The best demo account you could ever use is the one with the broker you plan to us. Being a newbie gives you a great opportunity to try out many demos in which case you may get plenty of experience with all different brokers. However, it is quite possible that the demo environment will be different from the live environment. In the sense that some brokers test out new features on the demo to work out bugs and what not. And also in the sense of execution. Can anyone confirm that their execution suffered when they went live with a broker?

To be honest everything suffers when you first go live.
I spread bet through eTrader and on the demo things were cool and calm.
no slippage etc no delays in execution, all speedy and fine .
But the first live trade was hell, the execution time felt like an hour , the temptation to stare at the screen and fret over anything that looked remotely like a reversal was constant but it realy was all mental .
yes you will get delays but thats life think of it as a sign that you agree with the rest of the traders out there if plenty of folk agree with you then of course there will be a delay . Just avoid tradeing after you hear any news items good or bad , cos if you heard it so did 2000000 other folk
but as you said you have to be comfy with the brokers site.:slight_smile:

u can go in
NorthFinance - forex, forex broker, online forex trading, forex exchange, mini forex, mini forex trading platform
they have a great demo acoun where u can choose the leverage and the deposit and its for all the time u whant and if u whant u can open 10 demo acounts in the same program each one with diferent leverageaand diferent deposit
i dont know how the company works in a real acount but in demo its great at least for me
good luck.