Where to get mql5 indicator lessons?

Hi, I’m looking to learn code for mql5 but I could only find mql5 expert adviser lessons on youtube…not indicators…If you know how to code indicators please tell me who you learnt from?

i have only been a programmer of mql4, so i cant speak about mql5…

but inside of mql4 code editor metaeditor.exe, you will see a menu item under HELP that says mql5 reference.

there are detailed source code examples for most of it.

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Great skills, from where have you been learnt about this?

i am pretty much entirely self taught as a programmer.

i learned by sitting down and spending way too many hours banging on a keyboard.

i have been coding since 1983, my first programming language was atari basic on an atari 400.

i wrote basic code for about six months, and then i learned to write atari assembler, but it was too cryptic and not portable to other machines.

in 1991, i purchased my first C language IDE, the Microsoft QuickC for DOS, and i have been coding C ever since.

my preference is to write C on a linux box using GCC at the shell, but i can also use GCC on a windows box that is available as part of the codeblocks IDE.

i am experienced with interfacing with quite a few different API’s…

i have written extensive code in C for the dialogic telephony boards… in 1992, i plugged 16 telephone lines and eight telephones into a 286 pc clone and i fully automated an eight station outbound telemarketing room. My code processed the status of all sixteen telco lines and all eight telephones approx one thousand times per second.

I have written assembler code on a pic chip clone to interface with the USDIGITAL A2T tilt sensor.


i have written assembler code on a pic chip clone to interface with standard RC servos.

i am intimately familiar with the programming of servos.


I used to enjoy developing custom websites in C language using a linux box. I have written such code in C that is as large as 25,000 lines long.

I enjoy the arduino line of controllers.


I have been writing metatrader 4 code since metatrader was first released back around 2005.

I have been working on the development of a trading bot since may of 2004.


Hatsoff! Really appreciating.

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You can’t even keep your lies straight Paula. Your very first post here:

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