Where to learn the Fundamentals

Hey All,

When reading the news on FOREX I’m always a little out of the loop. :confused: I’ve read all of the babypips.com school and it was a great help, now just looking for more material to learn about the fundamental economical indicators. I intend to continue mainly technical trading though I at least want to have an understanding of broad market.

Any recommendations for some good BOOKS/webpages to increase my understanding and knowledge of the Fundamentals behind the market

Many thanks and happy trading.


You could try taking a economics course at a college near you. I am pretty sure a community college would let you just pay for one class and sit it on it for no credit.

Also any book on world economics would help too, I am in the same boat you are right now. I trade almost 95% technical, but lately and am getting my butt kicked by fundamentally impacting issues!

I am not looking to trade news or anything, but I would also like to be able to better comprehend the reports and possibly adjust my trades.

Many thanks Vegas. You pretty much summed up the reason why I want to to learn the fundamentals. I’ll start looking for some books on world economics and let you know if I find anything good.

You could download for free ‘the foreign exchange market in the United States’ from the Federal Reserve which i found useful. Sites like FXCM also describe what the fundamental releases are and how they affect the market

I’d suggest you do a bit of research on International Economics since there is no world economics as a subject, at least since I went to college and studied it. You might also search on macro economics. A decent description of fundamenals can be found in the Forex for Dummies book for the different major currencies it’s not an expensive book and it covers quite a bit of ground on fundamentals.

Avoid books like Yeoman’s book which is typical of the PDF gurus: poorly organized, expensive and really doesn’t cover much but trading the news
Most of that can be figured out with a bit of commonsense.

For meatier, much meatier fair check out George Soros essays especially on markets as being self-reflexive, brilliant essay. You have to respect a man who took on the BOE and came out of it a billion dollars richer, not that Oanda will fork over a billion to anyone.

Tonymand, I’ve downloaded your recommendation from the “Federal Reserve”, very dry :slight_smile: nonetheless looks very useful. I plan on getting through it soon. Many thanks for that.

Dallia, I’m going to pick up that Forex for dummies book. I agree with you about any of the PDF download books- I’m sure there are some good ones out there but it’s impossible to filter out through all the illegitimate ones.

Off topic, you mentioned that “not that Oanda will fork over a billion to anyone”. What do you mean by that? I assume from what you write is you mean that once Oanda sees your account is highly profitable they will “dump” you?..?..? (a serious concern for me as I’m planning on becoming a millionair :wink: ) Seriously though, could expand on that.

George Soro’s essay, sounds good. If you say it’s meaty I’ll read it last so I have an chance at understanding the lingo.

Many thanks for all your help guys!


Bought “The Complete Idiot’s guide to Foreign Currency Trading” (they didn’t have the dummies version at the books store). It’s excellent. Covers much more of the basic fundamentals in FOREX. Can’t put it down.

Bought “The Secrets of Economic Indicators” by Bernard Baumohl. Probably an overkill for someone just wanting an overview of fundamentals, nonetheless should leave you with a good understanding of what’s driving the market.

I went to The UNLV (college here in Las Vegas) and bought “Priciples of Marcoeconomics” and “Investmnet Economics” textbooks. Paid like 10$ each for them.