Where to start with my Forex Training?

Hi guys, I’m interested in learning how to trade Forex. I’m starting the education process here and am currently in Preschool training. I like the training and it has been insightful.

Other than going through all of the training which seem will take some time. What would be a proper approach? I would like to use a demo account for a while as I train but I’m not sure how to go about that yet. Any thoughts on what I need or where to go to do that.

Other than the Education on this site where else should I go for good training materials\videos etc…?

Thank you for your time and help I appreciate it!

Hi, first focus on finish the education section, then you will think about demo and broker, good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Thanks Greg! I will do that and see how it goes. Thanks for you time.

Ok, I guess I’m not really sure how this works since I’m just starting I can check it out and see what it’s about. I’m sure you have to have a live account somewhere which I do not have yet. Can you do a demo of this on a non-live account? I don’t feel comfortable just yet going live with anything.

Honestly, how realistic is someone making 100% trades. Experts are like that is virtually impossible to do. This guy seems a bit suspect. I will keep an eye on it but it’s suspicious in my opinion.

I appreciate your help.

It seems you might have demo and live mixed up. A live account is an account funded with real money.

A demo however is “prop” money or fake, but both can trade in the market. A demo account is offered free by most brokers :+1:t2:

I am a regular listener of the no nonsense forex podcast. I find listening to Patrick and the mistakes he’s made, his experiences very insightful, worth checking out. As for a demo account, you will find that all the brokers (almost) offer them, you can even create multiple demo accounts for practice and get a feel of what different brokers/trading platforms offer. I too had made 2 demo accounts for practice: fxview and xm. It’s a good way of getting a hang on what you learn on babypips.

Demo trading is surely a great way of determining where you stand in the market. It is obvious to first learn and then practice your learning on a demo account. You can put your knowledge to the test and decide whether you are ready to risk your money or not.

That’s right! Demo trading is really important for practicing. Many a times, traders start live trading directly, which is not good, rather one should focus on learning and researching the markets first and testing their strategies with demo.

Anyone can learn forex trading through various online free courses available on the internet.

Start reading books, articles and follow the forex market daily, keep your eyes on the latest news headlines.

Choose a mentor who can guide you about various trading styles and strategies.

Find a broker who will provide you with a demo account.

Yes, demos are the way to begin with forex and for practising your trades well. I’ve been working on them with a broker but I’m kind of looking for a change. Any suggestion would be great, thanks.

I think you should go with any decent broker if you’re only looking for demos. It’s another thing if you want a broker for live trading.

I would like to trade on a platform that is good for both demos and live. What brokers are you using?

There are many good brokers out there, all depending on what type of broker you are looking for. Right now, I am with fxview, so far, they have been quite good.

I’m a fan of demos myself and I started with xm, fxview, swissquote, etc. Nearly practised for about 6 to 7 months before going live with them. The platforms are convenient to use and are also well suited for me.