Where to start?

I am a new trader looking for some guidance and a very simple trading strategy to start with :alien:

You ca start with babypips, first learn the basic of Forex then look for advance strategy. See there is no one who can share their own strategy for free to any one so you need to make your own with your knowledge.

Can you say at this stage if you will be daytrading or trading longer term? Not all strategies work well with both styles.

Great!! welcome.
What made you want to start trading Forex?

Hello, welcome to the forum!
Being a new trader, first you will be required to understand and know about the basics of forex trading. I would say Babypips School is a best place where you can get answers to all your queries. By time, you start feeling comfortable with the forex terms; you can start with trading in live account with small deposit or start looking for right trading strategy that suits your trading style and risk & return profile. This step by step process will eventually bring you good results and will also build your interest in forex trading.

Freaklikeme. A very warm welcome. I am new here my self so am not able to give any great pearls of wisdom. I highly recomend training at pip school which I part way into. Read through these forums also, they have some valuble information. Practice on trial account till you show consistant profits. Only trade live after 300 trades and 6 months on trial account would be my sugestion as was advised to me. Also after you show consistant profits. So say per trade on win you average $10 net profit after fees. Loss you average $6 including fees. Say you averaged 50% loss 50% wins over 300 trades. 150 wins would be $1500. 150 loses $900. That would be net profit of $600. Average of $2 per trade. These figures are examples only to stimulate your mind. Run on trial account when you have gained some knoweledge. Trial your system.
Happy trading John.