Which are the Best markets for Trading?


I have been trading in many markets now.

Which are the Best markets for Trading?

  1. Asian

  2. Europe

  3. US

According to me, It is US.

I prefer to think of markets in terms of size and liquidity; but then to really appreciate size and liquidity you have to look at the individual instruments (eurusd, oil, nasdaq) rather than just the broader markets. So while we have the largest and most liquid markets in the US we also have very tradeable instruments around the world.

None is better than the other, however ones trading systems might do better in a particular session than another.

Each time of the day has it’s own characteristics. Find one that works for you and stick with it.

from what i’ve seen asian is much quieter and probably calmer and easier to trade. Europe and US is where you get all the actions, but can get very unstable and ugly.

US and Europe is more action. But still need to look at what is your trading hours. When market close, sometimes also very calm.

I have to agree,Asian trading sessions are quite calmer and much easier to trade.

Yes Asian trading session is calm good for new traders who want smooth market to trade. Personally I like London session , It suits me It had fast movement in which we can generate profits. I can apply my strategy and plan with safety tools. I make high profits in this market .

Asian trading could be a good session for range trading. The overlap of the European the US sessions is the best for high volatility traders.

Its Europe.

I think it’s very subjective, and different ones suit different traders according to our own self-predicated parameters, choices and styles.

For me, “US” is best, overall, fairly closely followed by “Europe”, and with “Asian” a very long way behind both.


Whichever market your the most awake for I would say!

There are great opportunities in every market. :slight_smile: