Which broker best for india?

which broker best for india ?

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First, you need to figure out which trading form you are willing to trade in. If you want to become a forex trader, of course, the list will be different than for binary options traders.

There are many brokers in India who are regulated and allow traders to get the best features. You can check the site “Binoption” to find out the best broker list and, like this, “Investopedia” also allows you to get the best list.

Remember, no matter which form you choose, broker’s regulation is a must. Don’t fall for their words. Open a demo and test the dashboard before risking your money.

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I would disagree on regulation being mandatory and there is a good thread on this forum that lists a number of offshore brokers that are tested and considered reliable. These will all be offshore for you but many of these brokers are filling a niche for traders who don’t want to be held back by regulators around certain conditions.

As always do you research and test out brokers you shortlist

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Depends what you need buddy. I like to leverage trade forex and crypto so I use CedarFX, they also of 0% commissions on trades


I’d recommend EagleFX. I have used them for a few years and never had a problem. They offer a wide range of trading options, fees are low and withdrawals are quick.


I use them too :+1:

I use them too! Wouldn’t necessarily say they’re best just for people from India, but I usually recommend them to friends/family in general because I feel like they have a lot to offer as a whole. Also good for new traders that might want to make quick withdrawals or start with a smaller deposit.

Depends on what you need, Ideally for me, CedarFX. They have the 0% commissions on trades and no fees on deposits or withdrawals. Found them to be one of the best, so I’d recommend them :+1:

This is somthing you are going to need to look in to there are many different options and suggestions out there, this could be a regulated broker from your country or an offshore broker that except clients around the world. they all have different set ups and deals. This could be from leverage or spread or commissions. with offshore brokers you are going to get a lot more options with the likes of futures and crypto with better leverage, what ever you find test them out first use a demo then small deposit and withdrawal to test every thing before you risk it all.

Offshore is probably your best bet as regulations are very tight in India - deposit/withdraw with Bitcoin.

Would certainly looking for a broker with btc deposit, best way to remain incognito

Same here. Good recommendation. :+1: