Which country forex traders should migrate to have tax-free forex income?

Well many big traders with big accounts such as 400k, 500k immigrate to tax free countries often to save the capital gain and income tax on forex profits. Forex is a very flexible business which gives you an option to move anywhere in the world and continue your business smoothly. Which countries are tax free with no capital gain and no personal tax. Please share your knowledge and also tell me which country you would like to move to.

A few countries i know which are taxfree are

  1. UAE

  2. Kuwait

  3. Cayman Islands

  4. Qatar

  5. Bahamas


Bahamas. Tax free + Vacations. :laughing:

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Middle East is one. Then there’s the Bahamas.

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I see mostly middle east countries, and I have no idea why

Spreadbetting in the UK is tax-free.

Iran is the best

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On what basis can you say that Iran is the best?

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london and ny Sessions in great times of the day
Tax free
Nice weather