Which EMA might confirm a trend?

Ok, the standard trend confirmation is higher highs and higher lows for up or vice versa for down.
If you were going to use an EMA on a 4hr based timeframe, what would you say most likely confirmed the longer and shorter term trends?
200 confirms the monthly trend on a 4hr TF?
50 confirms the weekly trend on a 4hr TF?

I think on any timeframe, the 13 period exponential moving average does it.

This also corresponds with the smoothed heikin ashi candlestick trends.

The 13 probably confirms the current trend I guess but 200 is longer term. I’m just looking at some charts where the downward 200 converges with candles and some shorter 21 and 50 upwards EMAs. More often than not price seems to bounce off the 200.

I’m not much of an indicator person so maybe I just don’t get it… Looking at your charts will confirm a trend way before any indicator will.

If there are three lower highs and two lower lows you have a downwards trend, and the opposite will give you an upwards trend.

The above statement is basically the definition of a trend, so I don’t see why any indicators are needed to confirm it. :confused:

Any EMA is just going to tell you the same thing the candles do…

Yes, but I guess that says what the current trend is ie most recent. You can have a HH HL uptrend fir the last week but the overall trend for the last few months is down. I’m just trying something out with an indicator but mainly looking at what happens when price reaches the 200EMA.