Which is best MACD settings for 1 min chart?

That’s going to happen on lower time frames especially the minute. There’s no way to avoid it really. You’re trading in the middle of white noise.

I would imagine there are some people who are successful at it, but, to me, I think it’s more of a crapshoot.

Perhaps someone with more experience will chime in shortly.


i tried that macd setting its great, which MA pair would you use with that if any.

MACD on 1 minute…LOL. Seriously? OK, OK trade in your 1 minute for 15 minutes to get it working just barely and I agree with everyone above MA all the way if you must kill yourself once every sixty seconds. I know I have been there done that and got the T-shirt to prove it. I would highly high as I can get recommend starting with the Day Trades as in dailies because this is where most if not all indicators are designed to work. then as you become, or are, consistently Profiting every month without fail dial down and master the 4 hours then hourly then 30 minutes… you get my drift. and if you must trade for real while still becoming profitable don’t be hard on yourself because all the money lost is in the school of life it’s called tuition. See its better or sounds better that way. Way. ~G


Well, I don’t think that MACD would be of any help when you are trading on a 1-minute chart. If you want to use indicators, use higher time frames so that you can consider the changes in the market more clearly. 1-hour and 4-hour time frames are still alright but I won’t recommend using 1-minute time frames at all.