Which is the best broker in Saudi Arabia?

Which is the best broker in Saudi Arabia? I would like a detail answer to my question.

Hello @Gove1971. Here’s a guide that will help you in choosing a broker.

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If offshore brokers are in your list, then you can go with turnkey forex. They have good trading conditions
Good leverage-1:500(you can choose as per your choice)
Decent spreads(good for scalping)
Low commission charges- $2/100k RT.

I think that you can choose any sensible broker who is known in the world and has a good reputation. I chose the ExpertOption broker - a great option for work.

before, I had heard about ADS, which was originally from Arab.

Thanks for your post and indicating me a good post about how to choose a good broker, I will consider all these things before i will choose a broker.

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You’re welcome. Good luck! :blush:

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the best broker is a broker which for all time make sure security of funds with a wide range of trading technology, and they dont restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging.

The best thing about trading in this day and age is that there are no regional restrictions. One can trade from anywhere anytime. To give you my example, I move around a lot but that hasn’t stopped me from accessing my accounts ever. I use Fxview and Plus500. Both of them are regulated brokers, who offer very advanced platforms for trading, replete with latest charting tools and the works. I would highly recommend them both to all traders, irrespective of where they are.

I haven’t heard or seen any good options from Saudi Arabia. I think using any international broker would do just fine.

Broker for Saudi Arabia, I think it’s not hard to find you

I have no idea what the legislation about forex is in Saudi Arabia, best check that first.

I would suggest Coinexx, Fidelity and XTB. They accept all clients and are very good for trading crypto currencies. Funding accounts can also happen through crypto and with Coinexx, the crypto wallets are maintained for traders, which ensures segregation of their funds, and therefore, enhanced security.