Which platform is best

hi folks just wondering which platform is best,
clearest,simplest to commence trading on forex
thanks gerry

I don’t know what is the best platform, but so far I am use metarader 4 as my favourite platform, although there are some kinds platform like as streamster, ninjatrader, also PTMC which it’s Pro Trader Multi Connect, but with mt4 already user firendly and support also use autmatic trading and can used custom indicator.

Every platform is good and rather straight forward (if you don’t use some exotic indicators and if you are a manual trader). MT4 is most popular due to large number of indicators and EAs available for that platform.

MT4 as a manual trading platform is very old fashioned imo. There are much better options out there such as CTrader, Trading Station by FXCM even JTrader I found to be much better working for manual trading. I also tried Ninja Trader which is very flexible as well.
Generally I’d say get a good broker first, platform is a distant second imo

edit: I would say though using all these platforms I think FXCM Trade Station is the best one for manual trading imo. Great features and imo indicators are not really that important to me. Though they have quite a lot of support for third party indicators as well if you use them for EA’s etc.

my personal favorite for charting and manual trading (desktop and mobile) is FXCMs “tradestation II” platform but there are less resources for algo trading and “ricing” compared with MT4.

as a sidenote FXCMs platform is great if you run multiple displays.

I would recommend to try both ctrader and metatrader, but my personal favorite is ctrader. It’s quite up to date and while some brokers stick to mt4 when there is already a newer version and they still don’t offer it.

I would say that MT4 is offering everything a beginner need, but in order you to find out which one will suit you the best, you should try more than one and see.

I use mt4, I’m using it from day one of my trading career. I did used MT5 in between for some time but I didn’t like it and I returned back to using Mt4 platform for my trading.

I am just learning FOREX and have ThinkorSwim (TOS). I was experimenting w a MT4 demo, however, I am confused regarding the candle opening and closing times. TOS is NY close (5pm EST) but the server for MT4 doesn’t close until 6pm EST. This became an issue when a strategy I have been testing generated different signals on each platform. As a newbie, I can’t wrap my head around this…??? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks