Which super food is the best?

Mmmmmm. I can imagine eating that with maybe a vinagrette dressing…

But, the simplest dressing I’ve ever encountered is lemon/lime juice, salt, and oil. With that, you can dress pretty much any kind of salad. Tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, beets, spinach, anything…

I’m curious what would go well with sprouts like that…

@dushimes I could take it anytime with lemon. My taste buds just love it :yum: I have tried a few recipes from here. You can check this out -


Wow! What a link!

I never gave any thought to sprouting like that. I guess that’ll be a hobby to add to the list.

Growing your own sprouts seems easy; especially since there are kits for it. Baby greens seem a little harder to grow, but still pretty easy.

I like my baby greens in a sandwich. As for bean sprouts, I used to put them in stir-fried dishes a lot.

I’ll be looking up more about sprouting, now. Thanks!

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How could I forget the titan of super foods? I present to you: BEEF LIVER!!

The texture takes some getting used to, sure. But the vitamins and minerals in this gross food is impressive.

You’re welcome.

@dushimes Yes, it’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients. But the texture can be a turn off for many. Btw, did you make it yourself? And how often do you cook?

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I used to make it every couple months or so. When I had so little money that I couldn’t afford meat and my B12 levels would get so low, I’d get canker sores. My go-to was always beef liver, which cleared it up in about two days.

I’ve got a viscous canker sore right now, so I just made some two days ago. I usually make it with onions, garlic and ketchup. But I ran out of ketchup. So, this time it was just onions. I’ll probably be eating more of it this week. However, I think it’s generally recommended to consume just once a week.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s any way to make it a delicious dish. It just is what it is. There’s no way to make it compete with meatball parmesan.

Salt, pepper, garlic…haha. You can only do so much to make it taste good. It’s liver!

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@dushimes Onion is enough to make anything taste good for me :yum: Also onion is another superfood that we tend to overlook :joy:

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We refer it as ox liver here , Ive not eaten liver for a long time,you have to get the texture right.Pigs liver is nt as strong flavoured and more bearable

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Really? How so? What’s so special about onions?

As per google:

I think if you’re eating either one, you’re…losing. They’re gross!

Just kidding. They’re both super healthy for you. You can’t really lose with either one. However, pork liver has slightly less fat and slightly more protein than beef liver.

I should try to find some pork liver, just to get some different nutrients. Thanks @greenscorpio!

Bring on the ketchup!!


Bleh I can’t get myself to like tomatoes. I like them cooked though but def not raw. What about cucumbers?

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Garlic or onions definitely super food regarding vitamin s ,if not in salads I use lots in curries ,bolagniase sauces ect

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Yes, Onion is indeed a superfood :joy: I also discovered it recently after reading this article :nerd_face: https://www.triathlete.com/nutrition/recipes/overlooked-superfood-the-onion/


I love them in my smoothies :laughing: Who likes smoothies btw?

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Cucumbers in a smoothie? Yuck! haha

You can throw a cucumber in my smoothie, just don’t tell me about it.

I remember my first smoothie. After that, I thought I’d never eat another vegetable again in my life. It was so much faster than cooking!

For a while I was using orange juice and veggies, but my friend pointed out that OJ has a lot of sugar. And he’s right. That much sugar spikes your insulin. So, I switched to milk, and I just add a banana.

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I love avocado! Used to eat salmon a lot when I was dieting but I got really sick of the taste.

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It’s one of my favorite parts. Love the texture.

Oh… I think you’re missing out. In Sri Lanka we have some amazing ways of preparing it. Sri Lankan Curry powder and Coconut Milk makes all the difference in the world.

There are many recipes on How to prepare liver in Sri Lankan style on YT, check out when you have some spare time, If you can get access to those ingredients, you’ll experience a very different (For us a very good difference) taste to your normal preparation.

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Yeah, I’m definitely missing out. I never thought of curry or coconut milk. I’ll look into that.


LOL hard same!

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I’ve been to Sri Lanka once and was surprised to see the extensive use of coconut in their diet. I had the coconut flavor in my mind but when I tasted their food items made with coconut, I realized that I was also living in a shell. The food was lipsmacking, to say the least!

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