Which timeframe to determine price breakout?

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What do you think?

Which timeframe is the most reliable/trustable to indentify price breakout?

I might see price touching the particular level for 4-5 times in 15mins chart, but not in 4hours chart.

You may have to draw lines on three or four time frames to see if the move will qualify for what you want to see…

Sometimes a break out is very subjective and you will have to make your own rules to follow.

I find it difficult as whenever I speculate the price gonna bounce, it then break through it far more than my S/L.

and If I see it as a breakout, it then retrace back as soon as I place my trade.

Im already down with almost 20% of account balance because of this.

Maybe you should not worry about breakout trading, and just follow trends…

But I always got stop out from my Stop Loss.
even on the smaller timeframe (5mins-15mins) I enter based on S/R level, but the problem went back to the one I stated below.

perhaps you will post the chart that you work from and then we can have a look at the situation

Read this buddy:

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What is a breakout for you? Maybe u should read the post of Kenneth Lee: Dont make trading harder than it is


the shortest timeframes will show you breakouts (or anything else) FASTER than the others (although you SHOULD see the same prices on your higher timeframes as you see on your lower) BUT the shorter will also retrace faster than the longer.

if youre trading the H1 or H4, you have to expect small retracements even when youre perfectly correct in your assesment of trend, direction and movement — set the sucker(your stoploss) looser !

it appears youve got your stop loss set too tightly, which is the problem these days of wide ranging candles, and will have to learn to trust the breakout and watch for the price to move to at least the NEXT fib and s+r level.

enjoy and trade well


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