Who are the conservatives?

Conservative traders tend to have low risk. But low risk can lead to low profits and low losses. But with fundamental, technical analysis and long-term trading, it may increase profits. For conservatives, low profits and a commitment to strategy will be crucial.

Your statement is incorrect that low risk means low profit. It entirely depends on the reward of the trades.


Conservative Forex trading is a manual trading strategy in which a certified trader uses years of experience in the banking industry where he has held the position of a trader. it keeps high drawdowns to a minimum and tries to maintain the highest possible ratio between performance and risk associated with trading.

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Generally, conservatives trade with low risk. The risk level indicates the level of profit and loss from the market. The more risk, the more profit or loss. However, it can increase profits by keeping the risk level fixed or lowering. This can be done with knowledge and experience from the market.

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Agreed but I suppose the right way to say it is higher risk increases the variance of results especially when coupled with poor trade execution. If you can lower the variance then refine it then that is what we’re all aiming for.

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The reason why many forex traders fail is that they have insufficient funds compared to the size of the trades they make. Either greed or the prospect of controlling a large amount of money with a small amount of money forces forex traders to take such a large and fragile financial risk.

So, I adviced to bigginer Forex that for trade put just 2% to 5% of your equity.

0.5%-5% is a known and repeated “recipe” for success.
Could you please provide more details how you’ve came with 2% as optimal equity value at risk? What was the thought process which ended in 2%-5% - this will be more beneficial than just dropping a number :slight_smile:

In this part of the page we write for beginners. Beginners usually enter the market with little capital. For example, maybe 100 dollars, 1000 dollars … For example, if a beginner enters the market with a hundred dollars, he will trade with at least 2% of the capital, ie 2 dollars, and this is not a big threat and risk. :slight_smile:

I know, that 2% of 100$ is 2 dollars :slight_smile: but why 2% and not 3% or 0.5%?
I am asking about how have you came up with the proper risk percentage? I am challenging, because i do not see value added from just giving advice without any logical backup (it looks like just repeating what majority in the internet says tbh :slight_smile: )

:slight_smile:These numbers reflect the general experience of success and failure in the Forex market to the public. It is not legal here to say that you can manage risk only at this rate, but it can be a good solution, and this summary of experience shows that traders trade at a reasonable rate based on their morale.

Conservative Forex Trading is considered to be a manual trading strategy in which a certified trader utilizes many years of experience in the banking sector, where he worked in the positions of a trader.

Your statement is incorrect that low risk means low profit. It entirely depends on the reward of the trades.