Who do I choose for a micro account?

HI traders.

I’m new and want to learn this forex.
I want to open a micro account with 10k. ( I take it that will get me 10 lots of 1k without having to use any leverage the broker offers.)

I want a broker I can trust and a good trading software platform.
Do platforms show the orders/trades being placed for buys/sells on the fly ?

It obviously needs a practice login, with up to 6 month access.

Most importantly a broker company that can be trusted with my money.

Is there a good rating page like WHICH that has honest independent advise on who to choose for a broker service ?



These kinds of questions have been asked here before hundreds of times.
Why don’t you surf around the forum for a while, I’m sure you’ll find many threads.

A tip would be to, among other threads, search for a thread started by forex savior