Who has your favorite charts


 Who has your favorite charts. Are there any great ones that are real time, can be viewed over minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Good accuracy, candles and other good features. Free or not, independent or broker related. All input welcome. Have a great day!

Metatrader all the way :slight_smile: . Benefits are:

  1. FREE
  2. Can be used with a broker or independently.
  3. Live charts in (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4Hour, 1Hour, 30M, 15M, 5M & 1M)
  4. Has all the bar types (candles, bars, lines).
  5. Thousands of downloadable indicators that can email you alerts.
  6. Ditto that for Expert Advisors that be automate your orders if you choose.
  7. You can customize every aspect of your chart with any color you choose.
  8. Very easy to draw fibo, trendlines, channels, etc…
  9. Did I mention [B]FREE![/B] :slight_smile: which allows you to use it along side of non-MT brokers like Oanda who support custom lot sizes for newbs.

I was thinking about joining Oanda, and using Metatrader to view the charts like you mentioned but have a question.

In Metatrader, I can have as many conflicting buy / sell orders as I want, and then close each order as I see fit… but on Oanda, when I have a sell order, but then create a buy order right after it, I can only control 1 order total?? Does this make sense?


And to answer the original question, from the charts I’ve seen so far I’ve loved Metatrader.


Thank you so much! That's a big help. Do you happen to also have recommendations for brokers? I was thinking of starting with FXS Forex so far. They are in Australia and use gft dealbook. I heard a good review. Thank you!

That’s because Oanda does not allow you to place a buy & sell order at the same time on the same currency pair. One will automatically close out the other :mad: . You can however open up a sub account on Oanda which will allow you to do it :slight_smile: .


There is a lot of recomendations for brokers in the broker forum. I only used Oanda so I can’t really say anything about other brokers. Attached is a list of Metatrader brokers. Here is also a link to a few main brokers with a comparison of them all. I like Oanda mainly because I can trade any lot size I want and 50:1 leverage is more than I will ever need (atleast to start). Plus their margin requirement is only 2% for 50:1 leverage :slight_smile:

Forex Broker Comparison

MetaTrader Brokers List 01.03.07.pdf (94.4 KB)

I use MT4 myself, but find some features of Dealbook much nicer. It draws a better MACD and I like the alarms that you can set in Dealbook.

A “quick” summary for the two would be : MT4 is “robust” and Dealbook is more “refined” for me…

To Jes :

I use the broker that you speak about in Australia.

The advantage of this broker is one which, I believe, is much needed after reading many of the posts on this forum about American brokers.

The advantage is …integrity.

I am a candlestick trader, and the Dealbook charting software is 2nd to none for doing this.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

trendfx, netdania, even oanda has good charts :slight_smile:


 So far I have talked with Akhi, Matt and Joseph. There are all really cool like you said! I also downloaded the demo. I've spent about a month and a half in Sydney and really like it. Love to see Perth, Melbourne the North and Sounth. You seem like a great guy! I would love to chat with you a little before I sign up. Could you send me an email? That would be great! I'm still in my pipubation stage here even though I've been knowledgeable about forex for about a year. Cheers!


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ahhh ok thanks, that actually makes sense… quite annoying tho :frowning:

You said it :wink: