Who here is able to trade Netflix CFDS?

I have a preposition for Netflix earnings play coming Tuesday 19th.

Fancy me with your preposition.

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Will you be able to trade it?

I will be able to trade it.

Okay here the thing I would to know about your account, how much leverage are you using, capital and which broker will you be available before market close on Tues

Of course, no problem at all. How about I also share my mother’s maiden name, high school mascot, and city I grew up in?

C’mon man–What kind of post is this? I can’t figure out what you’re fishing for and it makes no sense? Are you just bored?

Well I have been trading it’s earnings call, my broker just removed it from my platform before Tuesday needed someone to trade it with and share the profits

What’s the trade.

Because the leverage will depend on how much you can trade

Ok- so, it sounds like you’re looking into your crystal ball and will be able to guess if the price goes up or down post-earnings. Not interested. I only trade earnings through derivatives- not flipping a coin.

I need to offer you the signal before market close depends with the price action heading to market close

Nice interacting w/ you-- good luck out there.

Take care.

Okay, no problems

I understand, you are pretty condescending anyway it’s cool.

Intentionally so. Think about it from someone else’s perspective- someone who’s been in the game for a while. You’re telling internet strangers you’re willing to lose their money for them.

I get your point but it’s not something I do. It’s because it got removed from my platform conveniently before the earnings call. Pretty frustrating. Anyway it’s okay.

Right so, a more productive post that would have caught my attention is something like–

Here’s my earnings system.
I’ve booked x% profits over the last 6 months, 1 yr (or w/e timeframe).
My signal is this and my exit is that.

This is my idea for NFLX “blah blah”.
I can’t trade it, but thought I’d share here as a mental exercise and ask for others’ viewpoints.

Sacrifice my trade secrets for one play? That’s why it was a signal anyway lemme try and look and go through verification process of another broker who might have Netflix CfDs.Hopefully if I manage will post the results here for your pleasure.

The last trades I took of Netflix trades were all winners. It’s just now they removed. Maybe it’s cause of that.

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