Who here on Babypips is sustainable profitable?

Yea I agree, I certainly don’t mean to make strategy sound any less important. But once you know your strategy works it’s amazing the mental game you play with yourself.

And it is amazing how different people can have different styles and still be profitable. Nice that it can be that flexible. Just have to find the strategy that fits your personality the best I believe.


Yes, after years of trading the same strategy and set up. Keeping trading journals would also help

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Thank you for replying. Are you profitable as well? :muscle:

Yes, I am profitable with proof to show for it. Just that we are not allowed to post results here.

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Great to meet another profitable trader :+1:
How has your trading journey been?

Up and down but now stable

Care to elaborate? What where the struggles you had and what pushed you into the right direction?

Struggle were continuous blowing of accounts. I overcome it by doing several trainings most of which were paid and I also keep trading journals if all my trades. It took meet roughly 5 years of continuous trading .



I am finding the biggest struggle is letting go of a bad trade.
I can build a nice-ish portfoilo, then blow it all on a trade that I cannot let myself walk away from.

Trying to learn to think of it on a statistical level and see the big picture, rather than fixating on just the trade in the moment.

That is indeed a difficult one. Everyone has their own way of controlling themselves. Maybe there is something you can do every day before you trade?

Something we all went through basicly. Thanks for your story. Pretty similar to mine.

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Any other profitable ones here?

Becoming a sustainable, profitable Forex trader is not easy. It takes dedication, hard work, and a lot of patience. Babypips’ platform taught me a lot about how to trade Forex, but I was not profitable until I started to focus on my own trading plan and stick to it.

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True! Definitely not easy. Did you get influences from other strategies as well or did you just develop your own after Babypips?

I believe one should reflect on why they want to pursue a life as a retail trader before initiating, having a vision or goal, as many experienced traders on here highlight it not easy. . I believe been sustainably profitable is when ones P/L is positive after say 6 years. When one go through the peaks and troughs, not just as a trader but life in general .

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In terms of long term profit, and being “up” compared to money invested, then YES.

Good years overshadow “bad” years, although none of them are negative.

After 6+ years it is more about my bankroll management.

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Good food for thought here! Having forex as your job influences your life a lot. It is not as easy to combine as people say.

Hats of to you! :muscle:
Great to read traders doing well. 6+ years is awesome!

Enjoy your stay and have a wonderful journey.

I think there are some traders who really can make solid sums of money on trading and they share their experience. Actually, confidence playes here the major role, and it plays the major role on the whole market. However, it doesn’t matter how confident you are if the market goes another direction, which you foresaw. The market doesn’t care about your confidence, it cares about the market laws and the economical laws.
So, of course, here are plenty of traders who really are able to make profits due to trading activity, nevertheless it seems to me that this path is very long.