Who here on Babypips is sustainable profitable?

This is sad i hope no one listens to you

Then listen to Tom Hougaard on psychology. He’s a trader who’s worked for JP Morgan (linkedin profile). He’s also got a ton of videos on his channel where he scalps live and responds to listeners streaming in.

Extremely humble, informative, gives a lot of credit to other traders and talks about his influences in those streams. No conspiracy theories, drama or hype. Also honest about his losses. Price action trader.

Japanese Trader Kei’s another example of a humble, very informative and insightful trader. Strictly retail trader and self taught. Ichimoku practitioner. He’s shared his trading plan willingly and explained it in detail. He also has streamed live trades on his channel. Again, no conspiracy theories, drama or hype.

They trade on live accounts, answer questions as honestly as they can and don’t have any issues talking about their shortcomings as traders.

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Being polite does not breed elite level athletes. Trading is as challenging even more so than professional sports. Tell an nba coach how to guide their team, they will all call you a pussy laugh in your face and bench you. It is a very serious environment, no room for people that want to control the master, there is a shadow in us all, pretending to be immune to this fact feeds the shadow, limiting our potential. Read some carl jung

Most people dont respond well to kindness in a competitive environment. They take advantage of it to satisfy their insecurities. It smells weak so we dont listen but if someone comes with militabt authority and slaps the entitled brat out of you, we then listen. It is the reason why every challenging position is taught with this style to humble the student. You are told what to do even if you dont understand it at first. Wax on wax off. Get out of line and a verbal smackdown keeps you straight. I was such an arrogant punk and now im grateful for the tough mentors in my life that exposed my narcissistic shadow every step of the way. You have a long way to go and selective these soft teachers is delaying your progress due to human nature

Polite unattached people will let you self destruct. Especially if you crave this type of attention, they will feed you all day long. Until you are drunk with power and drive straight the wrong way

When teachers are nice it causes us to project our insecurities onto them, we dont trust them and our arrogance takes over telling you that you know better then them. Being humble with a nice teacher is impossible. Like i said read carl jung and your trading will transform

You can quote all Carl Jung all you want. You have examples of successful traders who stream their live trades, who you choose to ignore, over ICT who:

  • has no record of being profitable
  • has consistently demonstrated his ego gets in the way of his trading, which were the reasons for his failures on the demo account challenges

You’ve missed the point. It’s not being polite. It’s not letting the ego get in the way. Being present in the moment.

Don’t even quote NBA coaches. Steve Kerr just this November admitted to his rotations hurting Curry’s game. This admission isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s an acknowledgement of what’s not working. Admitting to something being wrong about oneself and giving respect where it’s due isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength & confidence.

You’ve never heard of coach Pop or Doc Rivers saying they f***ed up when their teams do badly? It’s about keeping it real.

I’m done anyway. I’ve given you plenty of verifiable content and examples of live traders and authors.

Edit: Just remembered how everyone was asking for Mike Budenholzer’s resignation last season because he “appeared” too soft. That didn’t turn out too well for those analysts either.

You lack the humility you seek in a mentor. Entitled brat making demands. They already made it, you have yet to. Know your place young man… demanding humility when you cant even define it. Just read jung and grow up

Look at how you talk, like you know for sure you are accurate but openly admit you are not consistent yet. Reminds me of my bratty phase when i started developing my trading mind. You are in no position to make demands, you should be bowing down, and shutting up. What if you are wrong, ever think that could be a possibility that you are off? Of course not narcissistic little boy still

The God complex is strong in this one. Intensifies when the name is his god is used in vain :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The fact is ICT works, however there are other traders who have a profitable system as well. Do your due dilligence and find out what works and not. As Chris Lori said, he can not evaluate a system without spending time on it. If you are profitable and someone does not believe you, simply do not care :rofl:. Better to spend time on things that are actually important. When people believe you, they will automatically come to you. We trade to be free, we do not trade for others to believe in our abilities.


Hey no fair im not god. But i do get your point im trying to work on my likeability myself

Focus on the other creates an internal imbalance. Assisting the other proves futile as I slip in my own pride and malpractice. Consequences stack to where they are no longer dismissable. Combating ignorance demands other worldly conviction. An invisible trap slips deeper the more my focus is outside the self. I find myself resisting this pivotal inward focal. Our unwillingness to spend time justifies ignorance in the absence of an immediate realization.

Emotional resistance to time is common in the intellectual. Ive gotten used to understanding things in realtime, and when that proves impossible the prospectful solution is chaotically filtered. Im starting to realize the nesting perceptual dimensions. Sometimes I believe Im practicing honesty when in reality an underlying ignorance commands influence. How do I miss such an integral divide, because it is actually non-binary. The layers of understanding actively escape me and failure to thoroughly excavate in a humble manner, is a self condemning habit. I must investigate the profoundness of the alter ego. I will refrain from believing I already know, there is always a gateway to deeper realizations, I must submit to this. A gloomy path, with a healthy respect for time, manifests sound air and a piercing vision.

Anyone else though?

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HI! I’m profitable. I broke even first year of trading. 2nd year made 100% rate of return. This year (half-way through) it’s too early to say, but I’m in profit so far (about 10% return but I’ve got time…) To be honest, BabyPips didn’t help, but I like the forum (apart from when people start shouting at each other!..) It’s not that Babypips isn’t good education - I just did all my reading and learning before I heard about it.

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Good to hear and thank you for being honest. What is the name of the system you are trading?

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It’s just my own system using mainly price action, support lines and a bit of Ichimoku cloud. What I think I do differently to most of the traders who post their strategies is I tend to hold onto losing positions for a long time if the product I’m trading has a lot of volatility / reversion to the mean, as the trend will often reverse. That way I don’t get stopped out much, but I do make the occasional very big loss. Works for me though, although I realise this goes against the accepted wisdom of forex trading (so maybe don’t try this at home…)

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Also, I have no time for spread sheets and I never back-test anything. Too boring. Some people find this very useful though. Just not my bag.

Your way of trading is indeed dangerous for a trader. However if it works, it works.

I’ve always thought that no one can be “sustainably profitable”.
for me it is about “more profit, less losses”

Getting to the point of playing with “house money” is a very important step in the long term profitability process.

Bankroll management is a very important component to trading.

Why a lot of good poker players can become successful traders, and vice versa.