Who plays actually "Buy the dip" on Nasdaq?


Today I observed what was going on with Nasdaq, especially the afternoon hours - there is really not much to say what was (or maybe still "is’) going on with the index.
A perfect situation to play the “buy the dip” game…

The problem - when to get in (considering reversal indicators like fibs, support zones or round numbers and that stuff), it would be interesting to know if others are also on the hunt for some dozen up-pips.

I just remember, that after the bell today some tech.cpmpanies publish their earnings.
Maybe some “big boys,” play the game at first they send Nasdaq in the cellar and cause they know that earning reports will be very positive they buy in advance the dip and after the earnings when Nasdaq recovered they close with mega profit…

Why shouldn’t the little trader also draw profit out of this situation…:grin:
A thrilling night-movie upcoming

Update- Nasdaq started to recover

Threw in 5 contracts long on contest account, maybe it works :rofl:

By the way - the (monthly) contest lasts only untill the last day of July, only the winner gets some money , leverage 1:100, as the average winner only makes approx. 20000 to 30000 bucks , the odds are not so bad to knock on the pot😁

And the show is going on…

I don’t mention who organises the contest - less participants means higher better odd to win😉

Nasdaq starts first down correction, to be on the safe side locked in first profit of more than 30 pips, brake is always good

It seems that upmove lost steam, happy to closed out- as Fed will report this evening better to stay on sidelines

End of experiment so far!

Nice thread! Interesting to read your posts. Thanks for sharing!

And the next " buy the dip " round…
This time it’s oil

Some support zones still on the down move, but some one should be on the hunt for the up-correction.:tiger:

It seems to turn around

As M5 and M15 Stoch show rather a sell signal than a buy signal, I wait untill something similar like a buy signal occurs at least on the M5 chart
The gun is cocked🏹

Triggered 15 lot , let’s how it’s running

It definitely worked so far, closed out with 27 pips- let’s see what’s going on later